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Ostrich - The Ostrich Effect

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What a hit album! Ostrich musicians definitely do not have to hide their heads in the sand as a model animal, from which they took their name. 'The Ostrich Effect' is a piece of extremely ear-catching, melodical music.

The album, which I received for a review consists of 12 tracks (including a bonus one) and the whole lasts less than an hour. Is it a lot or a little is an individual matter, for me the length is perfect. What can be said about content itself, certainly, that it is very hit-like (which I have already written in the introduction). It can be listened at one breath. Synthetic sounds, that greet us in the opening album "A Need To Believe" can be associated with Kraftwerk, but also with the climates of 8 beats. In addition vocal, which is quite pleasant. Best of all is a very catchy chorus, which actually applies to all tracks on the album. "Lonely Ghost" is also excellent, an absolute hit piece in my opinion! "Sleepy Angels", which is the first release from Ostrich (if I am not mistaken), is also noteworthy. As for the music itself we are dealing with a light synthpop. Associations coming to mind at first are, that it is probably the most early Depeche Mode, except that, singer has not, unfortunately, the charisma that characterizes Dave Gahan. But it does not change the fact, his voice fits well with overall stylistics. In fact, we have there two complementary vocals, operating on slightly different scales. They are accompanied by synthesizers, as it is in synthpop. Definitely we are not dealing there with a musical revolution. By no means it is a defect, as it is difficult to come up with something new on the floodplain of synthpop.

Therefore, is it worth to listen to that record? I think, for sure! It is harmonious, hit-like, quite gently, but not sleepy. Ostrich has the makings of a very interesting band and I will follow with interest their further actions. I recommend!


01. A Need To Believe
02. Lukewarm
03. Lonely Ghost
04. Turn The Tide
05. Es Loco
06. Sleepy Angels
07. I Am Out
08. Gold, Silver & Stones
09. Prepare To Fall
10. Icecold Kisses
11. Firealarm
12. The Clown (Exclusive CD Bonus Track)
Translator: hellium
Add date: 2013-06-15 / Music reviews

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