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Band in 2005

When Rammstein is on stage it's very hot sometimes.

Niemcy / Germany

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
industrial, industrial metal, metal


Band members:

Till Lindemann
Richard Sonne Kruspe-Bernstein
Paul Landers
Oliver Ollie Riedel
Christoph Doom Schneider
Christian Flake Lorenz


The band Rammstein was formed by Richard Z. Kruspe-Bernsteina in 1993.
Soon Oliver Riedel, Till Lindemann , Paul Landers, Christian "Flake" Lorenz oraz Christoph Doom Schneider joined and the group was ready to record the material. The band's name originates from the name of a town Ramstein where a tragedy happened when around 70 people died as a result of an accident during the American Air Force show. Their first song entitled “Rammstein” is about this event.
Rammstein's first album “Herzeleid” released in 1995 scaled the charts and remained there till the release of their next LP two years later. Herzeleid caused the rapid increase of the interest in the band's music. At the moment of “Sehnsucht” release in 1997 the number of the fans reached 30, 000.
“Sehnsucht" became number one immediately after its release and strengthened the band's position on the market. Their subsequent albums, “Mutter” (2001), “Reise Reise” (2004) and “Rosenrot” (2005) achieved the status of golden and platinum ones and proved the band to be one of the best German scene. The tracks of their albums may also be found on many soundtracks i.a. “Lilia 4-ever”, “Resident Evil”, “The Matrix” or “Lost Highway”.