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Scapa Flow - The Core
This is for sure one of our absolute coolest releases so far in Progress Productions history. 30 years ago, July 1988 Swedish EBM formation Scapa Flow released their first demo tape, "The Core", to the world. Now 30 years later we have remastered and fixed this important milestone in Swedish EBM history and making it available again. The release is strict limited to 500 hand numbered copies and a must for everyone!!!! We are for sure proud like hell about this release. This is the way true early EBM sounds.
Available from 17 August 2018 by Progress Productions.

01. War
02. Servant
03. Late October
04. Sins
05. Blood n´ Guts
06. Fascisma
07. Pyscho t. Ulf Ekman
08. The Core
Author: hellium
Source: Progress Productions / 2018-08-13 / News

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