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Skeptical Minds

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Skeptical Minds
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Skeptical Minds
Skeptical Minds

Belgia / Belgium

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
Gothic Metal


Band members:

Karolina Pacan (Polska) - vocal
Michel Stiakakis (Grecja) - guitar
Gabriel De nizza ( Wlochy) - drums, samples
Patrice Brugneaux (Francjia) - bass
Thomas Dewandre ( Belgia) - cello


Skeptical Minds was formed in June of 2002. Their music is a mix of the 3 main influences : melodic female voice, electro-industrial music and metal riff
Before beginning to play on stage, the band started to compose 14 new songs. This took 2 years to complete. Then they released their first auto-produced demo in 2004. The band was ready to begin playing live gigs.

Skeptical Minds’ music was quickly successful in Belgium, where the band played more than 30 concerts over 8 months during 2004.

Skeptical Minds took a big turn in 2005, beginning with the making of their 10 track album, Rent To Kill, after which they participated in 2 large music festivals.
Band made sensation at his first festival, ‘Rotonde Festival’’ in Hirson , France, where they shared the line-up with Lacuna Coil, Moonspell, Hypocrisy, Epica, and Apocalypstica
At the second major festival, Metal Female Voices Fest III in Brussels, Belgium, Skeptical Minds sold more than 130 copies of Rent To Kill, and cooperated with bands like Lacuna Coil, After Forever, Epica, and Leaves eyes, just to name a few. Reviews of the show were very positive!

Near the end of 2005, Skeptical Minds signed a licensing deal with FYB-records, a label out of Belgium.
In August 2006, they signed a licensing deal for Rent to Kill with SIRENETTE MUSIC INDUSTRIES for North America, including USA, Canada and Mexico.

End 2007, „The Beauty Must Die” (EP) is released and annouces the second upcoming album. In 2008, „Skeleton Key” (taken from the EP) appears on the double CD compilation „A World of Sirens” - Sonic Cathedral (USA). They share the line up with: La Ventura, Diablo Swing Orchestra, Epica, Dytalh Leen, Echoes of Ethernity, After Forever…
New album of Skeptical Minds ‘’ Skepticalized” has been released in October 2010 during Metal Female Voices Fest .

2011 Skeptical Minds signs distribution deal with German company Twilight.
In 2012 band plans release of their new album, and currently they work on mixing live DVD reistered during MFVF8 , DVD release is planned for this year MFVF9.