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Soulfieldswave Festival
Soulfieldswave Festival - Kortrijk, Depart
Beginning: Saturday 2017-11-25 13:00
End: Sunday 2017-11-26 04:00
Entry fee: 32,50€ – 42,50€
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Author: carpenterk
Category: Festival
Place:Belgium, Kortrijk, Depart (Nelson Mandelaplein 18)
Festival with Clan Of Xymox, She Past Away, Golden Apes, Ash Code, Schonwald, Ground Nero, Hord, Der Klinke etc.

13h.30>14h15 Der Klinke 00.45min.
14h45>15h.35 H ø r d 00.50min.
16h05>16h50 Ground Nero 00.45min.
17h20>18h20 Schonwald 01h.00min.
18h50>19h50 Ash Code 01h.00min.
20h20>21h35 Golden Apes 01h15min.
22h10>23h25 She Past Away 01h15min.
24h00>01h30??.?? Clan Of Xymox 01h30min.

Will participate:

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