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Stillste Stund - Von Rosen und Neurosen

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The newest, fifth album of the German duo Stillste Stund brings us darkwave of the top standard."Von Rosen und Neurosen- Eine erlesene Sammlung grausamster Albträume " was released alone, and in digipack with bonus ep "Alice- Projektionen, Reflexionen, Variationen". Both recordings are maintained in the band's specific style.
"Von Rosen und Neurosen " usheres the listener into amazing, neurotic mood, intensified by the female and male vocals, whispers and screams mingling together. All this sometimes brings to mind Sopor Aeternus & Ensemble of Shadows, but still the dominant feeling at Stillste Stund is psychotic anger, not sorrow.
Simple music is a perfect background and emphasis for the voices, it makes the words' message stronger and more suggestive. It is filled with darkness and mystery, what, together with the vocals, makes hypnotizing mixture, which will surely absorb a number of people.
What is also interesting is the sequence of the tracks on CD, the first ones are more electronic, even danceable, just to transform later into deeper and deeper, sometimes even quite agressive phases of neurosis.
As it comes to the ep, it can be treated more as curiosity. It contains a few interesting tracks, but there is none of this specific darkness here, even if stylistically it doesn't differ much from "Von Rosen und Neurosen".
Stilste Stund again charmed me with music full of emotions, that we not always want to confess to, or sometimes can't. Even to oneself.
Check what you're hiding. If you're not afraid…

01. Käfigseele
02. Viktor (Von Rosen Und Neurosen)
03. Alice III (Schwesterherz)
04. Tiefenritt
05. Kammerspiel
06. Sternenwacht
07. Speichel, Laub & Saitenspiel
08. Heidnisch Barbastella
09. Marsch In Unschärfe Verlorener
10. Die Hure Babylon
11. Der Galaktische Zoo
12. Licht Frisst Stille, Schwarz Frisst Licht
Translator: Ankara
Add date: 2010-05-09 / Music reviews

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