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Sunshine - indie rock from Czech Republic

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Sunshine (Suns, Sunz) – Czech indie rock group, formed in 1994 in the city Tabor.
The group originally consisted of Karel Buriánek (Kay) (vocal and guitar), Daniel Bláha (Dan) (drums) and Márty (bass guitar).
Members have met in a record store "Archys" where the three of them has worked.
In that place the boys formed the music together, took the first sample and focused on playing many gigs, not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad.

In 1995, the group managed to establish cooperation with respected label, Day After, which specializes in publishing indie CDs.
In addition to the demo titled "Nice songs from under the shadow room" published in 1996, Suns has recorded (with the Day After) three albums: debut '’Hysterical Stereo Loops Beasts and Bloody Lips" (1998), "Velvet Suicide" (1999) and "Necromance " (2001).

A breakthrough year for Sunshine was the first European tour in one of the German concerts when they were spotted by the head of the American label GSL Sonny Kay, who has decided to license the album "Hysterical Stereo Loops Beasts and Bloody Lips" in the United States.

The consequence of this decision was the American tour, the Suns did in 1998 together with other artists from the GSL.
They played as a support including the well-known, American punk - rock band At The Drive -In in 2000, which also recorded the EP together. On the album was the song " Streamlined, which became part of the soundtrack for the American horror film "The Blair Witch 2".

In 2002, guitarist Márty left the group. At the same time bassist Michal Šťastný called Amák joined to the band. A year later, guitarist Jiří Kouba became another member of the Suns. The new composition of the Sunshine took the vast freshness, originality and motivation for further work.
In 2004 they cooperated with American label Custard Records, which allowed them to work in Los Angeles’ studios
Professional equipment and a variety of technical innovations have resulted in another album, " Moonshower and Razorblades ", released in early 2005.
The producers of this album is, a popular singer and producer Linda Perry and Bernd Burgdorf, known for example with working with Pink and Green Day.

" Victim is another name for lover " - " Moonshower and Razorblades " 2005

On the " Moonshower and Razorblades " Sunshine confirmed their great potential for both musical and creative and thrown there a pinch of freshness and innovation. The song " Neon Religion " certainly deserves attention (song is recorded with popular English rapper Tricky).

Following the success in U.S., the group returned to the country where they have licensed the album " Moonshower and Razorblades ".
At the same time there was a great interest in the band. All media were writing about the phenomenon of Sunshine and their popularity overseas.
It was a turning moment, when Sunshine after many years finally have been appreciated in the Czech Republic.

In November 2005, the Suns went on another European tour, this time with an American group Alkaline Trio. During the 16 intense days, they played 14 concerts (mainly in England). There were also French and German dates. During the entire route about 20,000 fans have seen Sunshine, which is a really impressive result for the Czech group. The biggest concert was the performance at the legendary London's Brixton Academy.
In spring 2007, they released a fifth studio album, Sunshine. Work on the album " Dreamer " lasted four months. Initially held in studios in Prague and several other Czech cities.
The final shape of the disc was given in London and Los Angeles.
The cooperation involved Bernd Burgdorf again, but also Steve Revitteman’s group A Gun Called Tension (he is known for his work with the Beastie Boys and The Rapture), and James Cook - frontman of British band Nemo.
After four albums that are a mix of hardcore, punk, rock and dance music and electronic, Sunshine decided to completely change the mood of putting on lightweight reference to pop music.
It was created in spite of some critics who accused the team of not being able to create songs which have that the characteristics of potential hits.
Despite substantial efforts, the disc wasn’t successful on the American and English markets. What was failed to achieve abroad, was a success in the Czech Republic.
Eleven hit songs impressed the Czech fans. They especially liked the song "Top! Top! The Radio " with the dynamic rhythm and catchy chorus.

"Top! Top! The Radio "-" Dreamer " in 2007

The year 2007 was very successful for Sunshine. In addition to winning a large number of new fans Award nominations Akropolis Live Music Awards in the category of Best Performance Rock & Pop were also recognized by the music TV Óčko best Czech group 2007.
The cherry on the top was a Japanese mini turnee which promoted album "Dreamer" issued there by record Fabtone Records. Suns played two concerts in Tokyo. The first in the legendary club Liquid Room, second in the Sinjuku Marz.

In 2008, the decision about leaving the group took bassist Amák, which later still worked with the team but only as a producer. His place was taken by Pavel Litvaj (Tvzex) known form the indie- punk band Scissorhands.
After personnel changes Sunshine parted with Universal and signed X Production.

In early 2009, the band moved to Berlin, where they worked in the studio Nuphobia on the next album. In the autumn, album " MGKK Telepathy " was ready.
This time the album was characterized by melodic freshness and spontaneity seen in almost every song.
Sounds Guitar hitherto characteristic of the Suns cleverly hidden under a range of electronic diversions.

Album met with a number of positive reviews in the Czech Republic. Music Portals competed with each other in reviews. All of them remained consistent that Sunshine is a trailing group over time, cleverly mixing different styles of music and the album " MGKK Telepathy " is undoubtedly another success in their account.
Also, the Japanese label Fabtone Records decided to release it in Japan.

Traditionally, we had to wait two years for the new album. It happens that, since 2005 Sunshine releases a new album every two years.
" Karmageddon " is the seventh studio album of Susnhine. Prepared under the name of the Sony Music label. Album was produced by Dušan Neuwerth (Tata Bojs, Vypsaná fixa). The new material was created in Prague and Berlin studio of Phil Freeborn (a friend of the group for many years). Wildstyle mixing and re- mastered was done by Bernd Burgdorf.
This album is by far the most mature throughout the choir.
In contrast to the " Dreamer " and " MGKK Telepathy " the bandr ronce again put the guitar sound and focused on the melodic lines that formed the basis. We should also mention the great lyrics and a gradual building of tension. Energetic songs are interspersed with those that are melancholy. The closing album track is a hardcore song "We Carry a Third World Briefcase " recorded with legendary Californian musician Justin Pearson.

" The Night Is On Fire " - " Karmageddon " 2011

The next two years are the series of concerts and festivals for Sunshine. In August of 2013 they finished an extensive tour called "Back To The Roots ", which is kind of summary of nearly 20 years of the band's career.

The huge success of the band Sunshine in the Czech Republic and abroad has a several of factors. In addition to the sensational music that has been successfully created for so many years, was also a decisive create a catchy image, original and creative desing frame (used in bookletach and promotional posters), strong guitar sound but also charismatic singer Kay Buriánek with his intriguing, stern voice and specific lifestyle.
Currently Sunshine is one of the best Czech, guitar groups. It should also be noted that when it comes to career done abroad, they came there, where certainly no Czech group will not come for a long time.
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