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Technolorgy - Dying Stars

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Greek dance-floors were lucky to have Technolorgy follow up their 2013 debut with last year's Dying Stars, and indeed all the fans of dynamic electro beats can enjoy this new release equally, even if band's cultural roots are not abandoned fully, but providing instead an enticing and unique ingredient absent from most other like-minded records.

Dying Stars is surprisingly romantic in its lyrical content and for the most part abandons the tropes of dark, oppressive musical arrangements in favor of the crisp soundscape, future pop sensibilities and melodic vocalization that grounds most tracks in the instantly catchy, single destined, quality.
There's only a small handful of songs on Technolorgy's latest that fail to make an immediate impression and that is enough to recommend it to all but most discerning fans.
After the opening instrumental that sets the emotional tone of the album listener is thrown into the swirling mix of recognizable genre tactics- the bouncing beats and the dynamic, kinetic rhythms are familiar but realized with precision and verve. The anthemic choruses of "Celestial" and "Light in Darkness" are sure to sweep the audiences everywhere, even if musically Technolorgy is inclined to perfect existing formulas rather than reinvent them. In fact this is the only major fault with their oeuvre, this overwhelming sense of stylistic deja vu, but the duo of LAU and DAV1D is forgiven on this occasion, if only because of the undeniable energy that flows through Dying Stars and lends itself to even a casual listener.
Elsewhere on the album the melodies grow heavier and sway towards the more dangerous EBM territory with parts of "Crestfallen", harsh buzz of "Cliche Catharsis" and banging closing "Calvary".

Regardless of the shifts in its musical charge, this is a fully realized and entertaining sophomore effort, through and through. Technolorgy will easily gain a spot on any EBM aficionado’s playlist and should keep the dancefloors alive for seasons to come.


01. A Wish Upon A Dying Star
02. Celestial
03. Light In Darkness
04. Crestfallen
05. Waste Of Skin (feat. AFTEREFFECT)
06. Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)
07. Damsel In Distress
08. Xana
09. Cliche Catharsis
10. You're Losing It
11. 23
12. Calvary
Translator: DamienG
Add date: 2017-01-17 / Music reviews

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