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The Parade Of The Trees - Thot

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'The Parade Of The Trees' is a brand new video from Belgian 'vegetal noise' band Thot and can be watched here. The video was directed by Grégoire Fray.
Piece comes from their recently released EP 'The Fall Of The Water Towers', which is available at band's Bandcamp page. The new video is a direct following of their previous video for the song 'Grueen' from the same release - you can check it here. 'Fall Out Of The Winter Towers' was released on September 25th.


01. Endless Towers
02. Finally, I’ve Found One
03. Grueenn (feat. Colin H van Eeckhout)
04. Black Fire Swan
05. White Dusty Fur
06. The Parade Of The Trees
Author: NataliaElanor
Translator: NataliaElanor
Source: / 2012-10-25 / News

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