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The Pussybats

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The Pussybats
The Pussybats

The Pussybats
The Pussybats

Niemcy / Germany

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
goth rock, Gothic, Gothic Rock


Band members:

Mike Night - drums
Marple 8 - bass
Sid van Sin - vocals
Roy Rock - guitar


Sex, blood and goth’n’roll is just what describes The Pussybats best. Far beyond cheesy wallowing in self-pity the four pussies are the more or less living proof that the terms “Gothic” and “Rock’n’Roll” are not - by far - excluding one another. Monstrous Guitar-Riffs, pumping basslines and kick-ass rockbeats melt into a gloomy, melancholic atmosphere, so one would ask how the fuck it’s been possible to live without for such a long time. Compared to currently popular, mostly Scandinavian genre-mates the 69 Eyes and HIM as well as all-tine heroes like Type o Negative and the Sisters of Mercy are at best to be related to the hit-quality songs or vocalist Sid van Sin’s charismatic deep-end performance, in terms of entertainment, coolness and overall rock'n'roll-factor.