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The Vacant Lots - Endless Night
The Vacant Lots new album "Endless Night" channels the pairs dual power through their minimal means maximum effect aesthetic. Endless Night is a bridge of two worlds with one foot firmly placed in hard-hitting rock and roll, and the other in the realm of electronic dance.
Casting light from this noir-esque world, "Endless Night" offers a fresh take on familiar experiences while exploring love, death, and life. Poetic, but with a streetwise swagger, The Vacant Lots™ dark electro psych approach captures recurring notions of duality through a dizzying and hypnotic blast of guitar riffs and revved-up electronics on tracks like "Night Nurse" and "œElevation".
Through a detached yet accessibly channeled dark-pop vision, and electrifying primitive punk spirit, The Vacant Lots cut through the dark - an experience they genuinely understand after working with their hero, friend and punk ally, Suicide's Alan Vega.
Available from 21 April 2017 by Metropolis Records.

01. Night Nurse
02. Pleasure & Pain
03. Elevation
04. Empty Space
05. Forgotten Days
06. Waiting Period
07. Dividing Light
08. Suicide Note
Author: hellium
Translator: hellium
Source: Metropolis Records / 2017-04-20 / News

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