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The Young Gods

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The Young Gods visited Wrocław on a very freezy evening of 23rd February. A sizeable group of fans of different age – from teenagers to people at the age of the musicians - arrived at Firlej club. Taking this fact into account, the old saying stating that the music embraces generations has been proved right. There could eveb be found the ones who came from the other side of Poland to see the Swiss playing live.

The aim of the performance, being one of the three show in Poland, was to promote their recently released album "Everybody Knows". In this manner, we were able to hear almost every single song from the album, starting from a calm "Blooming", through "Miles Away" with the acoustic guitar interweaved, to slightly heavier "Tenter le Grillage" – one of the better tracks off the new record.

Nevertheless, everyone was expecting the group to play older pieces, with which the band gained popularity. "About time" or "I’m the Drug" managed to warm up the audience that was welcoming each subsequent track with growing enthusiasm. A great interaction of the vocalist, Franz Treichler, with fans was also a noticeable thing. The frontman with his energy and immense charisma was making up for the other, a bit absent, musicians: Alain Monod, the keyboardist, and Bernard Trontin, the drummer. The singer was encouraging the audience to having fun in a very lively fashion. After just an hour set, The Young Gods disappeared from the stage. Yet, this could not have ended that way. The fans managed to bring the band back with a loud applause. Hence, the group treated us to some encores that did not lack long-expected "Skinflowers" or "C’est Quoi C’est Ça". The performance ended with a piece from the latest album – dark and calm "Once Again".

The half-and-an-hour concert of the (not-that) Young Gods surprised, especially with the elan of Treichler and a bold, incessant way of changing musical genres. Industrial, rock, metal, psychedelic… all of them could be heard during the performance. I am not a big fan of the band. It was the first time I have seen them live. The concert cannot count itself among the best ones I have attended so far, yet it was by all means very successful, played with heart and full professionalism.

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Add date: 2011-04-28 / Live reports

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