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Thomas Ragsdale - Bait
"The album started life purely as a film score to Dominic Brunt's gripping UK thriller 'Bait', but rather than just release the various background drones and atmospheres, I re-opened the pieces I gave Dominic and started to re-imagine the whole thing as one complete album.
After carefully editing the original soundtrack by expanding on some parts, and cutting back on others, 'Bait' was sequenced to take you down a similar path to the movie: at once beautiful as it is beguiling, intense as it is disturbing - shimmering drones give way to gnarled bass, refracting synth lines clatter over arctic atmospheres." - Thomas Ragsdale.
Available from 31 August 2015 by Bandcamp.

1. Who Holds The Devil, Hold Him Well03:18
2. Warning Mass 03:26
3. Old Piano 1 (A Few Miles On) 02:32
4. As The Rain Went On Falling 03:48
5. Take A Look At God's Face 02:42
6. Bait 03:50
7. A Sign Of Things To Come 02:42
8. The Dales 03:09
9. Old Piano 2 (Worse For Wear) 02:55
10. When All Hell Breaks Loose 04:58
11. The Uncertainty Principle 02:36
12. The Body's In The Back 01:48
13. To Send You Off 02:12
Author: hellium
Translator: hellium
Source: Thomas Ragsdale / 2015-09-20 / News

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