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Uberbyte - Five Year Plan

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Until this moment I connected electronic mainly with ATB or Scooter, it’s time to spread this realm for Uberbyte.
I admit, I never heard about them before, so I will start with a few words of description. Uberbyte come from Great Britain, they are inspired by their friends from Scooter, what of course can be naturally heard, but sometimes also by earlier mentioned ATB. The band released four albums, what is interesting, the name of each one is created from three letters. The album is a cleaver mix of such the genres as drum n bass or industrial. It is hardly regarded as innovative, but worth mention in its niche. It’s consisted of thirteen tracks kept in the similar mode. If you don’t like the opening probably you won’t like the rest of it.
Uberbyte knocks down with strong bass and then it comes through fluent female vocal to give us a moment of break and maybe even time for reflection. "Sheffield’s Finest", opening track similar to Scooter, is worth mention. More peaceful is Archetype, closer to ATB. Strong techno and bass lovers may reach "We Like the Bass".
As I mentioned, it’s hard to look for the innovation on this album, but it’s plenty of checked patents, that makes it nice to listen to.


01. Sheffield's Finest
02. Archetype
03. Jump into Hell
04. We Like the Bass
05. Summer (feat. Lauren Krothe of Panzer AG)
06. The Serpent and The Dove
07. Threadhead
08. Come Undone
09. Cthulu Waits
10. Unified
11. Get Thee Behind Me (feat. Matt Fanale of Caustic)
12. Free (To Do as We Tell You)
13. 2:7
Translator: harpia
Add date: 2012-12-24 / Music reviews

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