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Unholy Grace in Lublin - March, 27th!
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Unholy Grace is a musical event with flavors like Industrial, EBM, Electro, Powernoise, Goth and Harsh-Electro. Premiere edition of the event took place on the 23rd of May 2008 in Lublin 'Tektura' club and it entertained more than 100 people.
Since then, Unholy Grace strengthened its position in the city and is the only event in Lublin held in these moods. People who organize the event attach great importance to attractions that take place during every edition. The most interesting was the combination of events which took place in October with an exhibit of 'Noise Nation'. Nevertheless there are still more ideas to be realized. Today it's a periodic event and takes place every last Friday of the month in 'Publika' club on the Olejna street. The next edition is on the 27th of March. Slowly approaching is also the first birthday party to which the organizers have already begun to prepare unique attractions.
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