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Wave Gotik Treffen

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Wave Gotik Treffen team is not wasting its time and has already announced the first part of the line-up for this years edition of the festival. As for now on the list includes 56 artists of several countries, who confirmed their participation in the festival in a written form.

Here's the list:

4080 Peru (UK) - Agonoize (D) - Altera Forma (RUS) - Analogue Brain (D) - Ausgang (UK) - Beborn Beton (D) - Beinhaus (D) - Cantus Buranus (D)music version of Carmina Burana played by Corvus Corax - Cephalgy (D) - Clan Of Xymox (NL) - Combichrist (N) - Culture Kultür (E) - Cultus Ferox (D) - Cumulo Nimbus (D) - Decoded Feedback (CDN) - Dryland (D) - Echo West (D) - Fanoe (CH) - Feindflug (D) - Frozen Plasma (CH) - Garden Of Delight Feat. Lutherion (D) - God Module (USA) - Gods Army (D)
- Gothminister (N) - Heaven 17 (UK) original line-up - Imperative Reaction (USA) European premiere - Implant (UK) - Iridio (I) - Katzenjammer Kabarett (F) - La Casa Del Cid (D) - Naio Ssaion (SLO) - Nitzer Ebb (UK) the first world show after the band's return to the scene - Nosferatu (UK) the only show in Germany - Reaper (D) - Samsas Traum (D) - Schattenschlag (D) - Siebenbürgen (S) - Sket (D) - Soko Friedhof (D) world premiere - Solitary Experiments (D) - Sonar (B) - Songs Of Lemuria Feat. Nik Page (D) - Sono (D) - Tanzwut (D) - The Breathe Of Life (B) - The Gathering (NL) - The House Of Usher (D) - The Legendary Pink Dots (NL) 25th anniversary - Theatre Of Tragedy (N) - Theatres Des Vampires (I) - Vigilante (RCH) europejska premiere - Violent Entity (USA) European premiere - VNV Nation (UK) - Winterkälte (D) - Witt (D) - Zombina & The Skeletons (UK)

The list is up-to-dated every day, so those interested should make a
good use of the link:

Author: Dobermann
Translator: Dobermann
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