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Clan of Xymox - There's No Tomorrow

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And here we have Clan of Xymox for 45 minutes. 6 x There’s no Tomorrow + two additional tracks. Basically, there's no need to include those two additional on the EP, but since the band decided differently, than after all, why not ;) The additional tracks are not needed simply because the 6 versions of the title track are very good even without them. At the beginning there is an album version - set in a strong beat, very catchy and good for dancing. However, the club version will suit club dance floors even better: it's perfectly remixed, but it's not surprise since Ronny Moorings himself did it. The next version, „Frozen”, is unfortunately worse; I guess it's the weakest point of the EP. Some patriot readers may be satisfied to hear that the best remix was done by Fading Colours : it's dynamic, original and interesting. Run Level did a good job and on the whole there's nothing to stick to : the track seems to be stylized for the 80's and it was done quite well. The radio version is just a cut version of the original, without any particular improvements. The remaining two: „Courageous” and „The Second Time” are interesting, quite similar to the previous COX's achievements. The whole album is supplemented by fragments of Roman Polański's dialogue of „Bitter Moon” and Ronny's depressive lyrics; even more depressive than usual. Very well done EP.

1. There's No Tomorrow (Album)
2. Courageous (Album Version)
3. The Second Time (Exclusive)
4. There's No Tomorrow (Frozen)
5. There's No Tomorrow (Fading)
6. There's No Tomorrow (Run Level)
7. There's No Tomorrow (Club)
8. There's No Tomorrow (Radio)

Translator: Nihil
Add date: 2005-10-09 / Music reviews

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