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Mélanie & JP

Belgia / Belgium

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
electro-industrial, Gothic, industrial


Band members:

Mélanie - singer , textwriter , choregraph
JP -  musician , composer and singer
Tuur -  textwriter , translator and support keyboard - arrived in 2009
David -  guitarist - arrived in 2010
Stéphane - guitarist studio - arrived in 2010


Agapesis is a electro - industrial band , composed of five members.
Melanie appeared in the life of Jean Pierre in August 2006 and in February 2007 : they decided to live together in Kortrijk.
The month that follow, they created the band Agapesis. So , the band began in March 2007 by two founding members: Melanie Lamant : singer and Jean Pierre Longeon : musician
After their creation followed several concerts and the collabaration with the label Biohazzards Records. .
The band name was chosen to represent the love within the band, Agapesis is a Greek word synonyme of the name "Agape" that means in old Greek : love Spiritual. The ancient Greek had three words to designate love: Eros, Philia and Agape. Eros it's the corporal love (Erotic), Philias is the intellectual love (Philosophy) and agape, spiritual love, with Agapesis which means tenderness, affection. Perfect sense for them, because it describes their love .
After a year of composition and establishing their own particular musical style, they exploded onto the European, electronic and fetish scenes in 2007. Powerful songs, melodic electro, heavy basslines and rythms, combined with explicit live shows instantly won them a deal with Biohazzard Records to release their first album in february 2008: "Sacrilège" album to New Wave accents, with a importance for the dark melodies and romantic. The beginning of Agapesis.

In November 2008 - Mistress of Blood, more electronic album, the band finds its rhythm track with a heavier and the beginning of a show fetish.
Since then they have gone from strength to strength and are now signed to Danse Macabre Records.
They have played numerous shows both at home and abroad including the United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Latvia, Poland.

And in 2009, they release their third album, erotika, Agapesis is now known for his electronic music withheavy rhythm and dancing, but also for its masterly Barock and Erotic show.
Agapesis have previously played at such high attendance events as Elektroshokk (DE) Der Cult (DE) , Club Antichrist (UK) , Fetish Assembly (BE) , Black Masquerade (LVT) , CC Luchtbal (BE) Moonfog Festival (POLAND) , Zeche Carl (DE).