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Necro Facility

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Necro Facility
Necro Facility

Necro Facility
Necro Facility

Szwecja / Sweden

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
ebm, electro-industrial, industrial


Band members:

Oscar Holter - Music 
Henrik Bäckström - Lyrics, Vocals 


Necro Facility consists of Oscar Holter, who writes the music and plays all the instruments, the vocalist Henrik Bäckström, who also writes all the lyrics. The band started in 2001 when both Oscar and Henrik were in the Swedish "Högstadie", 14 and 15 years old. They released their first demo in february 2001. They released 2 more demos before getting signed to Progress productions. They released their debut "The black paintings" in 2005. Subsequent album of band, ‘’The Room’’ appeared almost precisely two years later in March 2007. Not so very often there is an album that brings new hope, new faith and have a massive impact on the electronic music scene. Next album Necro Facility "Wintermute" (2011) the band worked for almost four years is for sure one of these rare exceptions.