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Depressive Disorder

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Depressive Disorder
Depressive Disorder

Depressive Disorder
Depressive Disorder

Czechy / Czech Republic

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
dark electro, ebm, electro-industrial, industrial


Band members:

Patrik Lev
Radim Čáp


Patrik Lev founded the Depressive Disorder project at the end of 2001 but as the proper beginning should be considered the spring 2002 when Radim Čáp joined in. It was Radim who helped to finalize the unfinished first demo "Near To Death".
This CD was released (at the band’s own expenses) in the summer 2003, followed by EP "Another Step To Death", during the winter of the same year. Contained remixes from the debut album plus some new songs.

At the time Depressive Disorder successfully started with the live presentations of their music and the preparation of a new release.

After a year and a half the album "Ultima Ratio" came to light. The newly established label Monopolrecords.
Shortly after the songs from “Ultima Ratio” were played at various radio stations (e. g. reached 4th in French Alternative Charts in October 2005) followed by the positive reviews and warm public response alike. As for live gigs, Depressive Disorder played as a support act for the legendary Die Krupps show in Prague, shared the stage with Haujobb at the Dark:Live:Fest and introduced themselves at a lot of different places, where they gained their good reputation not only on the Czech electronic scene.

In July 2006 Depressive Disorder released the second album "In Depth" and shot their first music video for the song TV Freak. During winter there is a plenty of time for the gig in the Greek metropolis Athens with Noisex and other electro-industrial projects from all over Europe. The year 2007 is filled mostly with live shows and a new material composition.

February 2008 – the five years anniversary of Depressive Disorder is celebrated with a release of the limited edition of not-for-sale CD Five Years Of Lifetime and the gig supporting the famous Project Pitchfork in Prague.
After three years of insecure existence the band finished their new CD The Chronicle Of Fear featuring the live guitar player Olda Hladký from Rhodian. One hundred pieces of the album were released in a limited edition including the second carrier called Demo 1+2 with the collection of the demo tracks from the early Depressive Disorder years. “The Chronicles of Fear” is (again) accepted enthusiastically (not only) among the electronic music fans and ranked highly by the critics.