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Henric De La Cour

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Henric De La Cour
Henric De La Cour

Henric De La Cour
Henric De La Cour

Szwecja / Sweden

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alternative, darkwave, electro, new wave, synthpop


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Henric De La Cour


After years in the spotlight in acts like Yvonne and Strip Music, it was finally time for Henric de la Cour to go solo.

The debut album is released in October 2011 by Progress Productions. The sound is more electronic than before, but just as dark and epic. In the spring "Dogs" was released, a brilliant goth pop song about a complicated relationship, as a teaser on YouTube  channel and on  "Born///Evolve///Progress///3" compilation. Now comes the album, chock full of pumping electro beats, huge choruses and vampiric romance. Simply this is a must in every music collection. One of the best debut albums ever released.

In August 2013 finally comes long awaited second album from Henric de la Cour - "Mandrills". It is a dark journey filled with emotions, atmospheres and of course Henric's fantastic vocals. 

"I've always has the attitude that my music should sound more like a funeral than a birthday party" - Henric de la Cour.
But Henric de la Cour´s dark and expressive music is not just about show or subculture. Diagnosed since childhood with cystic fibrosis, de la Cour´s lyrics and attitude to life is colored by the incurable and serious disease.