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Cryo - Nocturnal Culture Night 2015

Cryo - Nocturnal Culture Night 2015

Szwecja / Sweden

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
ebm, electronic, futurepop


Band members:

Martin Rudefelt 
Torny Gottberg


Cryo was started 2002 by Martin Rudefelt, who is also responsible for composing, performing and producing in his Cryodome studio in Malmö, Sweden. On stage, he is accompanied by Torny Gottberg who manages keyboards and backing vocals. Cryo creates and performs electronic music. Much focus is put on heavy basslines and drums to create a repetitive, aggressive pattern throughout the music. On top of this foundation, melodies and vocals create variation, warmth and softness. Cryo is not an attempt to create popular music that will fit inside current trends and sell lots of records. It is targeted to a relatively small group of people with an open mind. Never sacrifice art for profit.

MCD "Beyond" takes Cryo a step towards a darker more dystopian, atmospheric approach and it´s not even wrong to mention artists like Jean-Michele Jarre but never without loosing that special "cold and static" EBM-style which has become like a trademark for the band. Martin himself calls "Beyond" a journey to explore the dark unknown and the feeling to embrace it.

New material "In Your Eyes EP", as the first single from the "Retropia" album shows a brand new more club oriented side of the band. Never before has EBM/Club Music from Sweden sounded more powerful and direct. You will need to look back all the way to maybe Covenant "Stalker" to find anything to compere with. It's simply a BOMB. The title track has been remixed treated by two true oldschool heros from the scene, Haujobb and Leaether Strip. The B-side "The Portal" is just as brilliant as the title track, hard, direct and danceable. The track "Higher" is exclusive for this release.

Their long awaited new album "Retropia" is the most complete work up-to-date. As always Cryo is in the leading edge of electronic music constantly seeking new paths, exploring new ways to bring you nothing else than pure perfection. "Retropia" is no exception from this rule. 11 brilliant tracks from direct floor-fillers like "The Portal", "Believer" and "In Your Eyes" to the enormous electro epic "So Close" which is divided into three different tracks. Simply beautiful.