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Job Karma - Punkt

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Firstly I must explain one thing, I know Job Karma's artwork very well so from each new album I demand a lot and expect it with the whole severity. And thus I faced a hard task to review the latest release of Job Karma - one of the most creditable projects of the ambient scene by me. "Punkt", cause that's the title of the latest record, contains XX tracks in total, trying to make one whole concept. Unfortunately, the level concerning the musical aspect is very uneven - indeed it has a few really good pieces like for instance "Brain's Processing", "Bronte" or "TerrorVizja", yet unfortunately the other songs make only a background to them, which is slightly not enough to me, especially seeing that the earlier releases like "Newson" have shown how well can Job Karma do. To sum up I must add that the album is not bad, on the contrary - it is good -especially for those people, who didn't have a chance to listen to Job Karma before, or didn't get to know their artwork better.However, as for Job Karma, "good" is not enough. Anyway I consider the album worth listening and estimate yourself...

1. RAF
2. Brain's Processing
3. HydroxizinumCity 2
4. Hel
5. You are the Key
6. Gustav's Dream
7. TerrorVizja
8. Brontë
Translator: Ankara
Add date: 2010-05-30 / Music reviews

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