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Job Karma + Sieben

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This project doesn’t need to be introduced to the fans of industrialn – ambient sounds. Job Karma’s performance is always an event. When we add on a Multi – instrumentalist, Sieben, who is Matt Howden, then the success is dead cert. The koncert tour included Poznan as well, and the venue of this outstanding occurrence was chosen to be Dragon club which is settled in an old tenement house. One probably cannot question its attraction and charm spreading around in this building. Though it was not the place, but the artists who were a quintessence of magic that took place in a small concert room. Despite the fact that the concert has started with a slight delay, it was worth to wait for. Hum of the gathered people’s talks faded away in a moment when Job Karma got onto the stage. Then just a quick finding of seats and time for a musical spectacle. First of all, the project was promoting their newest album, "Punkt", but there was no lack of such smash hit as "Schekle". One just has to notice incredible visualisations, of i.a. Master Baginski, which danced behind Maciej Frett and Aureliusz Pisarzewski. Perfectly composed with such tracks as "TerrorVizja" or "Hydroxizinum city", which are undeniable hits of the latest CD. The most surprising however was the song "Hel", while which suddenly Sieben appeared on stage and together with Job Karma they made an unusual composition. Both, the stage and the public were bursting with emotions.


Brain's Procesing
You Are The Key
Hel New
Hydroxizinum City

Job Karma’s performance was an undeniable sukccess, however, Sieben appeared to be even better. Maybe because Mr Howden in master’s way manipulated the emotions which like sounds were emitted from under the violin’s fiddlestick and floated around the whole room overfilling the audience. The musisian’s expression, his passion, made the concert unforgettable. Stirring melodies, full of anxiety, were based on just one instrument –violin. Masterly play plus singing of one man did well enough for the whole orchestra. The violin in connection with sampler looping the in-recorded sounds and Matt’s abilities created together indescribable effect. The sound matter of such songs as "Love’s promise" or "Minack Theatre" simply couldn’t leave the gathered people without flutter. We could even notice a small group, who, infused by the feelings, started to swing slightly together with violin melody. We don’t need a lot to make a concert a perfect event. This single man showed how one can play with sound, how with full engagement render yourself in what one creates, how to make musical emotions fill the whole room and all the people gathered in. The name Sieben will always make me react with a smile full of respect for Matt Howden and I think that I’ll be one of many who will remember that koncert for long times.

Matt Howden wrote about his set:

"As for the setlist, well i made it up on the spot and moved away from the list I made, so i might get it wrong, but as I remember I played:"
Minack theatre (from SWBF)
floating (from SWBF)
Love's promise
We wait for them (from SWBF)
The Sun
Jack in the pulpit

Translator: Ankara
Add date: 2010-07-04 / Live reports

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