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M'era Luna 2015

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Each year the organizers of M'era Luna set the bar really high, that is why it should not be a surprise that in this year tickets were also sold out very quickly. Many attractions awaited almost 25 000 people from Friday. Begging from traditional disco in hangar through literary readings to new discovers and there were many of them. The "WOW" effect appeared after entering the festival village and after that consternation, how many things has been changed since last year. FKP Scorpio again surprised its guests with the perfect preparation of the smallest details and the ability to learn from previous editions. Strategic approach and new land management resulted in bigger amount of usable festival field. What does it mean? Doubling the number of seats, more catering stands, and what's is more important the clear information of what is where, without looking into the festival map, of course everyone on the entry received the map. The whole orchestrated in a fairy-tale setting with visual purple lights  that added to the style.
A fashion show has become a key element of festival, during which numerous proposals has been presented, from daily to bolder evening creations, how about a dress made from hauberk. Medieval town as always kept a pace and pleased tireless attenders.
The winners of M'era Luna contest Newcomer, Elvellon was honored  to play a first concert. The singer showed what she can after breaking the ice, drawing the audience closer to the stage.
Well made plan and good strategy is key to success when attempting to a festival such as M'era Luna. Many attractions for everyone, more concerts from each hour on two stages alternately, and of course do not forget to recharge your batteries with good food and drink, not mentioning lots of stalls.

Back to main goal of the festival, formation Nachtgeschrei initiated the party in the hangar scene, another plus for the huge outdoor screen placed in front of the entrance to the hangar for all those who couldn't get inside. The next few hours was a pure esthetic rollercoaster fueled by pure music energy, each car created by artists like: Versengold, Spielbann, Coppelius, The Other, Ost+Front, Frozen Plasma and Lord of the Lost. Each time when LOTL comes to the stage it means great show, in this year they gave everything from themselves, played on the full sun!, but they do everything for the audience which was not eager to let them go. After the synth pop project Melotron the stage was given to the Deathstars. The Swedish focused mainly on their well known tracks and on the contact with people.

Saturday gained a pace at end of Merciful Nuns concert, the veterans of their genre. On the first stage performed the Austrian duo L'ame Immortelle. Their lyric show gathered audience which was very keen to sung each song with the artists. Meanwhile we went back to the hangar where the Aesthetic Perfection, gave a powerful show that sweep the stage with the audience and that was their debut there. Three guys did a music mayhem like a six, the people loved that. Those who felt that was not enough went to the main stage where men's from Saltatio Mortis took the wheel. Only three concerts left to Saturday's final; In Strict Confidence, Blutengel and X-RX.

The first one was very pleasant, although the sound could be much better, the set list had old well known tracks. The second was not my favorite, however there is something in them that draws attention, despite the mini fetish show ;)
Suicide Commando again had no luck, this year, Johan van Roy had to stay in the hospital. Keep your fingers crossed for the next year edition of M'era LunaThe X-RX served to the audience huge dose of dance workout, a good warm-up for the next firecracker – Rob Zombie.

Rob Zombie is an artist in every way, perfectly planned and balanced show from beginning to the end, stage decorations, great contact with the public plus that vitality that is better from many stage youngsters. Well prepared set list with the biggest hits of American band: "Superbeast", "Dragula", "Living Dead Girl' with covers of Alice Cooper, the Ramones, White Zombie and the song accompanied by the slogan "wanna fucking party", the variation of James Brown's song "Sex Machine". Invitation of Rob Zombie's team was an absolute bull's eye, many band could learn from them how to play live.

The next day had equal number of attractions. After wake up with the Unzucht on the main stage, I went to the hangar, where the most important concert for this day was about to begin. Magnetic Dirk Ivens with the project Absolute Body Control. Whenever I'm lucky to be at Dirk music performance I am always amazed by amounts of energy and empathy for the audience. He created a unique aura on stage with electronic accompaniment of such gems like: "Is there an Exit", "Figures" and the final "Give me your hands".
Charged and ready to go, I went to the mentioned fashion show, the photos in our will tell the best, I encourage to check them out here: M'era Luna Fashion Show 2015.

Zero music rest, but this the purpose of festivals, to wait a year to fill our musical needs. Walk through the area in search of interesting ideas to set ourselves was sweeten by sounds coming from the main stage. "Kathy's Song (Come Lie Next To Me)" by Apoptygma Berzerk always hits my weak spots.

After shows of scene giants Einstürzende Neubauten and Anne Clark feat. Herr B came time for the final. The headliner of this year's edition was a Nightwish. Many fans gathered at scene long before the start, that should not surprise anyone, since this was the concert of the festival. Personally I preferred them with the Tarja at the front. Probably that's why I left after three songs and start preparation for the long back journey. Summarizing; M'era Luna in 2015 surprised with professional preparation, readiness for any eventuality. I thank the whole team of organizers, services and all participants for time we spend together. That's why it is worth to wait another year!
Translator: Toshiro
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