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Dominic Hein


Niemcy / Germany

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Music genere:
darkwave, electro, electro rock, electro-pop, electronic, synthpop


Band members:

Dominic Hein


MOON.74 is an electronic Rock/Pop Band from Germany and the music project of singer and songwriter Dominic Hein. MOON.74 started in October 2007 and the first two years a lot of songs have been already produced by Dominic Hein, which provided the base for the first studio album. Also first live gigs were played during this time. Then 2010 MOON.74 signed their first label contract at Echozone Records and on the 01.10.2010 the first studio album "Newborn" was released. The album includes 13 tracks of finest Synthpop made in Germany. Followed by a few support shows with De/Vision, festival appearances, articles and interviews in various scene magazines (Zillo and Sonic Seducer etc) and some songs on diverse compilations, MOON.74 could quickly establish one’s reputation in the scene. 2011 the first music video was filmed for the song "Gun" and the year was also filled with furthermore very successful concerts. 2012 MOON.74 published 6 Remix Download EP’s, where the songs of the "Newborn" album were remixed by many artists and bands of the scene. The EP’s were only released digitally at Amazon, iTunes or Musicload. The final highlight of remix action was the strictly limited Best-Of-Remix-Album "Reborn", where the best remixes also found their place on audio cd, only available at the MOON.74-Webshop. In addition MOON.74 played in 2012 together with bands like Apoptygma Berzerk and Mesh at the well-known Nordstern Festival together in Hamburg. The slot was won by a fan-voting. Now with "How I Feel" the second studio album of MOON.74 will be released by INFACTED RECORDINGS on 28.06.2013. "How I Feel" was developed in close collaboration with producer Rob Dust, who has also worked with artists such as De/Vision, Camouflage or Joachim Witt, and will mark a new milestone for MOON.74