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Da5id & Tyler

Informatik band


Date of establishing :

Music genere:
ebm, electronic, futurepop, industrial


Band members:

Da5id Din
Tyler Newman


Da5id Din and Tyler Newman come from two successful, yet very different, musical projects; din_fiv and Battery Cage. As Informatik, they achieve results greater than the sum of their parts, using technology as a means to an end.
During the recording process, they leverage their individual musical sensibilities; with Tyler choosing a more visceral approach, over Da5id's cerebral style. Even though both of them contribute vocal and instrumental parts equally on the last two albums, the similarities stop there.
Tyler approaches the creative process guided solely by his emotional instincts, building an atmosphere and mood to express a feeling rather than a concept. On the other hand, Da5id craves structure and values reason above all else. Together, they balance each other's methodology so that the outcome is representative of their individual philosophies.
The end result is a unique sound that fuses modern recording technology with traditional popular musical forms. Informatik has dubbed this "emotional electronics".

Their music is about message and emotion, expressing life's urgency in the context of the here and now. The band advocates that one should constantly question everything in order to construct the reality of their choosing, using their heart as their guide.