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Mental Discipline

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Mental Discipline
Mental Discipline

Rosja / Russia

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
futurepop, synthpop


Band members:

Alexandr Krivoruko – lyrics/music/vocals/programming


Mental Discipline is a russian project formed by Alexandr Krivoruko in 2008. After releasing a couple of demos packed with catchy and danceable tracks, it has become widely recognized as one of Russia’s most promising futurepop projects.
Mental Discipline has also collaborated with such bands as Head-Less, Spektralized, Endanger, !Distain, Pulcher Femina and many others.
At the latest work – CDM Fallen Stars (2011) appears also renowned musicians as Felix Marc (Diorama/ Frozen Plasma) and Peter Rainman (People Theatre). On single there is other Mental Discipline’s hit, futurepop’s Battlefield of Love featured with Per Aspera. At present, Mental Discipline is working on a full-length debut album, which is due to be released in 2012.