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Noisuf-X - Excessive Exposure

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After a year since the release of an exceptional album "Voodoo Rituals", a German project, Noisuf-X, once again treats its lovers to a new record. Listening to the latest album, "Excessive Exposure" is a sheer pleasure. Jan L proves to be a mature artist, who is not afraid of having music affairs with experimental sounds; he does not cease to intrigue and disturb in his very own, particular way. Substantially, all tracks deserve a proper attention. Each one of them is overly out-of-ordinary, even though the Noisuf-X style can be recognized at once by every enthusiast of its music. The record does not lack the sounds which were taken straight from our mundane lifes: for instance, in "Please Hung Up" one can hear the sound that is characteristic of telephones. At first, it is truly bewildering. There are no tracks featuring vocals, which is no surprise as far as Noisuf-X is concerned.
The atmosphere of the album is really beguiling, harsh and dark; the tracks' key and tempo vary. "White noise" should capture your attention due to its slower and subdued tones, I consider it a perfect track, cannot get it out of my head. "Shut up" and "Beatz & Bass" are in turn perfect for parties - highly rhythmic and bound to heat every dance floor up.
I recommend "Excessive Exposure" to everybody. The record will surely not dissapoint both ardent fans and those, who have just begun their adventure with the genre.

01. All Systems Go!
02. Deutschland braucht Bewegung
03. Please Hang Up
04. Aggrophil
05. Excessive Exposure
06. I Am Watching You
07. Hans Dampf
08. White Noise
09. Fucking Invective
10. RAPture [Holy Shit Mix]
11. Beatz & Bass [Blast In Your Face]
12. Effeccctt
13. Fire [C=64 Tribute]
14. Shut [The Hell] Up
Translator: murd
Add date: 2010-10-18 / Music reviews

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