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Noisuf-X - Voodoo Ritual

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Noisuf-X with its new offered album Voodoo ritual serves us 15 songs. The record was released 27 February 2009 and it's surely not an item to pass-by indifferently.
From the very beginning proposed intro perfectly leads us into the world, in which we land in a moment. Krach Bumm, the second song, is a typical "party" point. We'll certainly hear it many a time in various circumstances by different occasions. Something like unforgettable Hit me hard, which found its place here as well, only this time in remix by X-fushion. And it is a really good remix. I would even attempt to say - better than the basic version? I'm not the one to judge but everyone for themselves.
I won't describe all songs one by one, because each one deserves special attention here. Just a trip, Last Dance, It could work, Dance of the night (which contain elements of pieces created by Sergej Prokofiew, deceased, but one of the best XX-century composers!), and the titles mentioned before, are these strongest points to me. The rest is not less remarkable, but if I am to choose something, I've done it already.
The weaker ones are definitely 3000 phon and Destroyed - at this moment I will not attempt superlatives only, as the songs are "average". And the voice making"vokals" in 3000 phon is slightly irritating to me. While Destroyed doesn't bring anything new to the whole. However, these two "elements" will not destroy the general, truly good impression about this album.
I can't say it's boring or monotonous. Here something happens all the time, and it changes - when it's not the rhythmics, then it's the atmosphere of the song, if not, then on fifth position the track Voodoo ritual jumps out with its characteristic, frankly ritual rhythmic sound in the background. If not these type of reference, then many more others, many more other revolutions. Game over - a song from a very different fairytale? Not quite. It connects perfectly with the previously mentioned intro. After that we have Dance of the night, which may also be a piece of surprise to many listeners. Why? You find out yourselves.
The album is worth listening, ideal for the parties. Anything else to add? Noisuf-X is equal to the task and again it offers us a deal of great music. I recommend.


01. Void
02. Krach Bumm
03. Just A Trip
04. Intellectually Retarded
05. Voodoo Ritual
06. Last Dance
07. Creepage Current
08. Destroyed
09. 3000 Phon
10. It Could Work
11. Halluzinogen
12. Noize And Bouncing
13. Game Over
14. Bonus Track: Dance Of The Knights
15. Bonus Track: Hit me hard [X-FUSION Remix]
Translator: Ankara
Add date: 2010-05-21 / Music reviews

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