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Noisuf-X - Voodoo Ritual

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The project’s definition is simple and clear: An apocalyptic and fearful view of the world is what NOISUF-X, is dealing with. The story of NOISUF-X had begun exactly in 1988 when Jan L. from Bochum(Germany) used his legendary C64 for combining electronic sounds with organ-sequences and vinyl-elements. The first project was born until NOISUF-X came into being. During the next years Jan created 10 albums under the name of X-FUSION by his own without a real deal. He extended his equipment over and over again and even got several gigs at Techno-parties such as the Innovation Rave (Fantasy/Dülmen) where he showed his abilities live in front of almost 2000 fans. X-FUSION’s style of music evolved into the style of Techno/Acid/House just to the year 2000, when his first tracks including vocals were produced. Finally his hard work was appreciated by Indie-Label Dark Dimensions/Scanner, where he signed a contract and his first album ‘Dial D For Demons’. On exactly this release a track appeared that gave NOISUF-X a basis for its existence by its title.

This album is full of dancable tracks each with their own layering, synths as well as own feel but having said that I do feel a little let down by it. It could be that I haven't given the tracks enough time to grow on me or that I was trying to over analyse them rather then just letting myself enjoy them. It might well be to some peoples tastes but personally not mine as it gets repetitive before it it changes section. Its worth checking out but the songs would work better in a set list or play list of some description. If you like Studio-X and similar bands then you'll enjoy this.


01. Void
02. Krach Bumm
03. Just A Trip
04. Intellectually Retarded
05. Voodoo Ritual
06. Last Dance
07. Creepage Current
08. Destroyed
09. 3000 Phon
10. It Could Work
11. Halluzinogen
12. Noize And Bouncing
13. Game Over
14. Bonus Track: Dance Of The Knights
15. Bonus Track: Hit me hard [X-FUSION Remix]
Translator: hellium
Add date: 2012-02-16 / Music reviews

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