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Rome - To Die Among Strangers

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I’ve been following Rome since their beginnings in 2005. All their albums have a similar climate – a climate leading us into the world of magic... I would like to take you on this journey. Please sit down, relax, and listen... The album starts with a track called "To die among strangers". And with the first notes we can hear that Jerome Reuter and Patrick Damiani keep their unique style. Their experiments with folk still have highly intriguing effect, which practically can be found on their every album. Personally I see a striking resemblance between the voice of the vocalist to that of Leonard Cohen: it is ethereal, deep and warm - that kind of voice which it is good to wake up with, which later reverberates whole day in your head and with which it is good to go to sleep. And even if the lyrics say about war, guilt, despair (as most of Rome’s lyrics do), the whole composition of music gives some hope for a better tomorrow. Second track, "Reversion", was released on the album from 2006, beautifully called "Nera". The track is saturated with sadness and decadence. Next two tracks also are full of melancholy, they mix electronic music, drums, acoustic guitar and violin. Once more Rome showed us their originality and made another masterpiece!


01. To Die Among Strangers
02. Reversion
03. Wir Götter Der Stadt
04. Mourir A Madrid
Translator: perennite
Add date: 2010-05-06 / Music reviews

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