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Suicide Commando - Implements Of Hell

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Most probably, never before has any other hell-electro performer tormented musically over a listener as Johan Van Roy does. After more than three years since the release of Bind, Torture and Kill, Suicide Commando comes back seemingly straight from hell, incidentally stealing subsequent implements of torture from there. This time a set of aggression, fury and brutality was somewhat inspired by Albert Fish, the serial killer. Upon launching the album and absorbing first bits, we quickly realize how mean the world we live in is. It is full of sin, omnipresent death and hate, which is reflected by the lyrics. Instead of a gentle and subtle introduction, an infernal power flowing from the speakers absorbs us completely from the very first minutes. Music posession in "The pleasures of sin" and a clean, strong bass in "Die motherfucker die," an excellent single preceding the release, attack with an unprecedented power - a perfect combination which shows the best of Suicide-music. I also put a plus to the rest of the album, on which a reflective track "Death Cures all pain." is included - slower than the previous songs but armed with convincing lyrics, revealing more of a human side of Johan, starting with a symphonic intro that goes further to a solid dose of hard bits and harsh vocals. For the second time a similar convention appears during the last song "Until We Die," although much more hushed. There are also typically arrogant Suicide Commando songs like "Hate Me" and "The perils of Indifference." The first is a proposal for an enjoyable beginning of a dancefloor fun. Very fast rhythm and dynamic vocals perfectly fit its title. On the other hand, "The perils of Indifference" strongly indicate its position on the album due to a word "fight", repeated a number of times, making the song more trance-like, constituting another of many moments during which all the elements of this musical torture perfectly combine with one another.
In my opinion, this album leaves the competition far behind. The quality of implementation, lyrics and melodies that pulsate in your head long after you have turned off the player shows that digital instruments are capable of creating powerful sounds. I find perfection, an artistry on "Implements of Hell" with every subsequent hearing of it and appreciate the talent of Johan to create such exciting records.


01. Intro
02. The Pleasures Of Sin
03. The Dying Breed
04. Die Motherfucker Die
05. Death Cures All Pain
06. God Is In The Rain
07. Hate Me
08. Come Down With Me
09. Severed Head
10. The Perils Of Indifference
11. Until We Die (Album Edit)
Translator: murd
Add date: 2010-07-17 / Music reviews

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