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Wave Gotik Treffen 2007

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The season of spring/summer festivals open! As the first strong attack is, as usual, Wave Gotik Treffen - the biggest and the most popular of the said events, presenting the richest line-up. The current year didn't differ from the previous that much, however, the first thing that came to my mind after the Fest finished was that the edition 2007 highlighted those more popular bands rather than newbies in comparison to last year. Of course it depends which concerts you attended and the research you'd made before the event:)

For me, the festival started on Friday in Werk II – the place where the projects playing harsh, industrial music reside and where the atmosphere is always hot.. . both literally and metaphorically... The most interesting bands were Pzychobitch and Fetisch:Mensch.

Pzychobitch is a German project formed by Frank Klatt, Stefan Böhm and the singer Sina Hübner. The've played music since the mid 90s, their most known albums are "Big Lover" and "Electrolicious" presenting the dancy music combining electronics, pop and electro. At Treffen the band played their hits: "Electrolicious", "Pussy Gang" or "Maschinerie" and a new song - "Alles". Sina appeared wearing a very female flowery dress whereas the accompanying musicians proved to be dealing with DJ-ing too – they were dancing at the decks leaving the front line to Sina. It was a very pleasing concert: energetic and dancy, not particularly hard as far as music is concerned but not too sweet either. All in all – good start.

Setlist: 1. Alles (new song!) 2. Strom aus Fantasie 3. Pussy Gang 4. Cold Comfort 5. Whisper 6. Pzycho-Pop-Groove 7. Maschinerie 8. Go Pussy Go 9. Electrolicious

Thanks to the concert of Fetish:Mensch the music register changed into a more guitar/gothic like whereas the scenic atmosphere got the theatrical tint.
FM are Oswald Henke, Tim Hofmann Jochen Schoberth and Dirk Törppe,and they create gothic/experimental music.
The beginning of the concert belonged to Oswald, who was sitting at some sort of platform. He was wearing a red uniform jacket. Hidden behind the curtain of his long black hair he was glancing anxiously at the audience. With the very first bars of the music he somewhat underwent animation and from that moment the concert ran smoothly. Oswald's characteristic vocal, a bit neurotic yet very strong, the guitars – sounding either lyrically or hard - that consolidated the whole and the energizing drums resulted in an emotional, emphatic and charismatic show. The frontman managed to keep an eye contact with the audience so it made an impression as if he wanted to hypnotize his listeners. the played a.o: "Fetisch: Mench", "Manchmal"

Setlist: intro, Minenfeld, Blauer Sonnenstrahl, Zwischenseelenträume, Fetisch:MENSCH, Sonnenkinder, Narbengarten, Ich fang dich auf, Nicht heute aber morgen, Manchmal

The concert of The Retrosic, awaited by almost all, took place at midnight and it was worth being waited for, indeed. It was a hit of the day if not the whole festival! Real slap-up!
When I got to Agra Hall, the enormous clock projected on the screen had been already counting time remained to the beginning of the concert. A few minutes before the "D-Day" the audience started screaming and calling the artists to come to the stage.
After a while two figures styled at old-fashioned divers, wearing latex costumes appeared on the stage and started waving flags. And then the concert began...
They started with "Ground Zero" and it was already obvious that the gig will be a huge success. Then we had a chance to listen to some old hits (though sometimes in new versions) like Maneater, Eat Me Alive, The Storm, Laughingstock, Scream, Antichrist, Total War, and also some new ones featuring the album "Nightcrawler": Unleash Hell, Bomb, Revolution, Desperate Youth, Bloodsport to name just a few.
Well, the scene was quite busy too: starting from Cyrus Fletcher emanating with such an energy and power that we were smashed to other treats – such us ladies of Wicked Trinity Natasha dew Viant and Miss Omega dancing to two songs (e.g. "Revolution") or the man hanged on the metal construction by his skin as a background to "Maneater". At the end the audience was pelted by a glittering confetti. The concert was also rich in visualizations (you could learn very easily that the Retrosic are not particularly fond of the system or G.W.Busha:). Admittedly, it was hard to find a leitmotif to the performance and it's the one disadvantage of the show – it was a bit inconsistent, peculiar silva rerum so mixed the ideas were. But for such music you may forgive practically anything..
What can I say – the hell unleashed its devils that night and let them ran mad on WGT scene.. Bravo!


Saturday was a day of EMB antics in Agra Hall: the concert part started Angels and Agony. AaA was formed by Reinier Kahle in 1995 roku, next Erik Wierenga, Marco van Belle and Fried Bruggink joined the line-up. Their music is electro with some elements of trance, very dancy and dynamic and yet not particularly characteristic. Gents played the gig hidden behind the smoke-cover, but it didn't stop them from warming the audience up. During the song "Traveler" Darrin Huss of Psyche – responsible for the remix of the song – appeared on the stage.

Setlist: Intro, Stronghold, Forever, Wreckage, Traveler (with Darrin Huss of Psyche), Forward, Darkness

Les Anges de la Nuit – a trio from the US, followed similarly music line. Of course you need to think whether it's about originality, cuz if it's not then the show was fine: dancy beats, melodious songs, all good for dancing. Yet, if the EBM band want to be recognized, there has to be at least one outstanding element that would let the audience extinguish them from the mass of other such projects. Stripped shirts and plain scenic manner won't hep to achieve that. Still, if you're looking for invigoration for you muscles, the gentlemen Milton Sanchez, Richard Abdeni and Anthony Stuart offer great material: positive vibrations, dynamic sounds.. . As for me there was too little engagement in the gig, the poor sounding didn't help it either, but that's a different story... If you feel like a (devoted) fan of electronic sounds – you'd have enjoyed the concert.

Setlist: Under Gods Name, For Eternity, Absolutions, Twisted mind, The Promise, I Still love you, Marks of Faith

Luckily, Absurd Minds managed to break the deadlock the concert day got stuck in and introduce some more energy and some lively notes to the drowsy atmosphere.
A M was formed in 1995 on initiative of Stefan Grossmann and Tilo Ladwig. The albums such as "Deception", "Damn the Lie" or "The Focus" added to the growth of band's popularity. The last album released in 2004 in entitled " Noumenon".
As to their show at WGT, as I have already mentioned, it was the first to attract attention and encourage to have some fun. Stefan is not only a musician but also a showman gifted with charisma and ability to move the audience. In building the atmosphere the famous hits of the band such as "Deception" or "Herzlos" not to mention "Essence" were very helpful. Combination of melodies, great vocal and scenic background (great light spectacle) gave a great effect.

Setlist: 1.Essence 2.Cycle 3.Gedankenreich 4.Dependence 5.Stop the Fall 6.Deception 7.Herzlos 8.Brainwash 9.I am Dying Alone

The next band provided even better atmosphere – it was one of my favs of the fest - Orange Sector. The duo Lars Felker and Martin Bodewell play – as they describe it themselves - 'pure EBM'. They gave such an energetic show that I could finally feel what it's all about in this sort of music. Strong vocal, dynamic music very much DAF and Spetsnaz in style proved fantastic. Scenically, it was rather scanty, but the disco was really smashing. We could hear, e.g. "Dynamit", "Tanzbefehl"and the songs of the forthcoming album "Profound" - ".Bibelhammer" ".sick.sick.sick" and " R.I.P"

Setlist: 1.Bibelhammer Intro 2.sick.sick.sick 3.Flashback 4.Götter 5.Dynamit 6.Tanzbefehl 7.Violent order 8.R.I.P. 9.Für immer 10.Here we are 11.Kalt wie Stahl

The concert of Rotersand equally with the one of The Retrosic was the best of the whole event and I must admit that I'd seen such an applause and enthusiasm they evoked for a few times only...
It was enough they appeared on the stage (they started with "Almost Violent") and the atmosphere hit the top.... crazy dancing, bravos, scanning, screams.. pure madness stimulated additionally by the choice of songs: "Exterminate, Annihilate Destroy" (Rasc, Gaun and Krischan sang it together), "Electronic World Transmission", "Merging Oceans", or 'Dare to Live". During the concert Tom of SITD also appeared on the stage.
The whole gig enriched by dim lights, smoke was very successful and helped to invigorate the audience. Rasc establishes a great contact with the audience and knows how to keep the atmosphere of marvellous, gigantic party, to root the people and evoke euphoria...I hadn't seen such a joyful and energetic concert with such a spontaneous applause for a long time.. perhaps on last year's Rotersand gigs..

After a while Psyclon Nine emerged on the stage. They played as well as they looked, at least comparably... Definitely, the visual aspect plays a huge part in the band's show.
The concert was a part of the tour '"Crwn thy Frnicatr " and as we'd expected we heard quite a number of songs of the said album. The band members: nero bellum, josef heresy, abbey nex and dr. sevin appeared wearing spectacular – one could say 'full-blooded':) - make-ups, extravagant hair-dos presenting naked tattooed torsos and smeared teeth.
Yeah, their image was devilish indeed, as if they'd escaped from hell after a long fight with the Devil who tried to keep them and marked them with lots of punctured and rugged wounds...their vocal seem to follow the fiends manner too, as you can't call this noisy, frantic voices differently than demoniac... And that's the point as I see it.. . the audience seemed enchanted.
The music accompanying the charismatic show of the frontman matched the smashing line and sounded as a mixture of metal/industrial tortures with some more dynamic beats of disco inferno. We heard, of course, "Resurrect" and some songs of " Crwn Thy Frnicatr".
The concert was quite successful, the only thing I may read as disadvantage are texts such as "you motherfuckers I want to see you dancing" or something like that.. .OK, that's the show, but I personally see it as appropriate for some grumpy heavy metal or rock bands rather not any serious performances...and I think it'd be better to get rid of such elements from the scenic repertoire...after all we not in the borstal sandpit but at the concert being an artistic expression of the artists' ideas... and this is to stand for what? psychoanalysis overdosed?

I was slowly running out of my strengths, but still I was waiting patiently for Front 242. I'll put it straight ahead – the visual part of the concert was rather frugal apart from the screen and changing images, smoke and lights there was nothing). Perhaps to say that the musicians 'enacted' their songs would be an exaggeration, but not too big... The fact is Agra was packed to the full, don't know if it was for the fame of the band or the greatness of the gig... I'd stake on the first.. Of course, the vocalist was dancing and moving lively on the stage, the music was great (e.g. "Body to Body", "Modern Angel"), but I wasn't off my feet to such to such an extent which effect I'd expect from the gig of such format artists. I don't have the comparison though, the only concerts of F242 I saw were the recordings. Apparently their concerts had never been planned as 'shows' – so I suppose WGT one was a standard. For the fans it was surely a treat – I left the concert after the half.


I spent Sunday in Parkbuhne where the weather was similar to the music presented: once sunny once stormy...

Unter Art

The first bar on Sunday belonged to the German project UnterArt and I must say it was a very good start. I won't exaggerate by saying that after getting familiar with the material featuring their album "Noise and Grace" we ran to the concert very willingly:)
Grigori Feil and Thomas Stein formed the project in 2004 initially placing their song at various compilations such as '"Industrial for the Masses" or "Machineries of Joy". In 2005 Chris Harms joined the line-up and so their career started developing.
The project presents quite dynamic melody line combined with strong, appealing vocal of Chris Harms and hard samples that however, let it freely oscillate between " dancefloor hits" and "stylish industrial/electro/gothic". Depending on the artists' whim the sound is either hard, rock with a metal tint or more energetic, lively and invigorating ("calvary campaign") or aggressive and harsh ("Exit"). The project is definitely worth of your attention: both the gentlemen Grigory Feil and Thomas Stein responsible for the music threads and the said Chris Harms create an entity which is not only worth seeing (yes, the vocalist is very charismatic), but also listening.. . At WGT they proved that fully.

Setlist: zion, calvary campaign, wasteland, hirntod, open end, exit, headshot

PreEmptive Strike 01

The Greek project PreEmptive Strike 01 was founded in 2002 by Jim 'The Blaster' and Cryon. After they had released three demos in 2005 their first album 'Lethal Defense Systems' featuring electro/industrial music was out.
At Wave Gotik Treffen the musicians played wearing gas masks (or - as in case of the vocalist – in surgical masks:). The show was as dynamic as the heat let it to be, while the music was a mixture of harsh notes known of Hocico or Suicide Commando. Samples, dancy, dynamic melodies and harsh vocal – that's how you could introduce the music of PreEmptive Strike 01 in brief. They're going the right way.

Setlist: Lethal Defense Systems v2, Pain Apparatus, Mutant Battalions, Mimetic Hybrids (new track) Menacing Planet, error:Biomech


I must say I'd been waiting for the concert impatiently – after all we'll see them in Bolkow at Castle Party, so I wanted to know in advance whether there will be a necessity to insure myself against hearing loss.. Well, you may save on that, however the insurance policy on eyes and mouth might be a good idea – the first may dilate excessively while the second may be hard to shut...
Angelspit was formed in 2004 and their debut album is called "Krankhaus". Musically it's scanning, regular structure, great to scream lyrics to accompany (or to clamour down:) the musicians, quite dynamic, sometimes reminding a capricious car that follows a snake's movement... In their sonic pot you'll find hard-hitting beats, intertwined vocals of Karl Learmont aka ZooG and destroyX plus post punk rhythms containing synthetic sounds as well as hard electro music with some industrial tints. Altogether it sounds very lively and may give you strong kicks.
The image of the artists plays an equal part in their show – it's very specific and features lax, PVC clothes, artificial white hair and Karl's mad Mohawk – it's definitely eye-catching and it supplements their gigs with the visual aspect very nicely. The whole is interesting and intriguing. The fact is their outfit wasn't appropriate for the temperature in Parkbuhne, but they were brave (or resistant) enough to make the energy emanating from the stage really smashing.

Setlist: A La Mode, A La Mort, Desire, 100%, Fuck Fashion, Meat, Sin, Elixir, Maggot, Wolf, Vena Cava

Tyske Ludder

Founded at the beginning of the 90s, Tyske Ludder, are considered one of the pioneers of dark electro industrial, and as I could see at WGT they are doing fine and still going strong...The energy I observed on the scene during their gig was simply ravishing... Gentlemen appeared at the stage wearing military uniforms which made impression of peculiar "S.W.A.T show' – well, the stylistics suited the music performed which in turn comprised of all the power and energy the electro music can have. Harsh vocal, melodies glaring with aggression and power, exceptionally invigorating combination that speeded our hear beat twice on average. Z67 and Albert encouraging people to party-battle constituted another factor that added to the smashing force of the gig. In spite of the heat the audience started dancing, so the whole seemed to me as a very fine music force presentation.

Setlist: 01 intro 02 khaled aker 03 an vordester front 04 bionic imppression 05 extrem 06 betrayal 07 wie der stahl gehärtet wurde 08 manipulation 09 canossa 10 monotonie

Punto Omega

Punto Omega have been present on the scene since 2002 their artistic output is collected on two albums: debut one "Punto Omega" and another: "Nostalgias del Origen". Both feature a fair dose of good electro music.
Pilgrim, Jorge and the accompanying musicians definitely managed to get me off my feet. The concert started by Pilgrim's playing a bagpipe which same took as a prayer to improve the weather which at that time was getting worse.. . the wind got stronger and huge stormy clouds appeared in the sky.
After the intro we were given the best of what Punto Omega are famous for: strong, distorted, harsh vocal, compelling melodies and highly emphatic show (it was, however, balanced by Martin Parzer on keys, whose show released some gravity of the overwhelming seriousness:)
The greatest moment was when the band played "Punto omega" (fantastic piece itself) and around us quite a prelude to storm was starting: the sky covered with dark clouds, strong wind playing with the sides of the stage, bringing dust and dancing on the stage and people's faces and among that artists playing the ravishing sounds - great effect, really unforgettable! As the whole concert itself...

Setlist: Nostalgias del Origen, Guerra en los Cielos, Alma Gemela, El Regreso, La caida, Mundo de Robots Marcha hacia el Punto Omega, Punto Omega, La vida es solo teatro, Realidad Virtual

As soon as the gig of Punto Omega finished, there was a break in gigs for the heavy rain and storm. Most of the people hid under covers and roofs looking for an improvement... which soon came...Not that it stopped raining totally, still it didn't stop the next project: Rabia Sorda from giving their show.
They are great followers of Hocico and Dulce Liquido, presenting similar music solutions: energetic melodies and vocal – so during the concert the listeners could warm up and dance, especially that the frontman Erk Aicrag encouraged them to show their enthusiasm.

The band that ended the concert day in Parkbuhne was Suicide Commando. I suppose I don't have to introduce the band or their music profile – enough to say they played their greatest hits:: Hellraiser, Love Breeds Suicide, Blind Torture and Kill, "Torment Me..", plus a new song "Fuck you bitch", which won the dancing and screaming audience on the spot.
Johan feels at home on the stage: running, jumping, making faces to the audience, taking poses of the crucified, kicking loudspeakers or mike stands (well, that was the first thing he did on his entering the stage:). And that's what his audience seem to expect from him – bad idol making aggressive music that evokes killing instincts... It was during that show that the ladies were fainting and the guards had hard times...and I think that's the point – a little pop culture makeshift in 'dark independent' culture, noise terror for the willing... all in all – good concert, giving a nice, strong kick.

Next we went to Werk II to spoil our senses with industrial a little bit. What we faced when we reached the place wasn't optimistic though: the club was packed to the full and the temperature reached such level that hell's kitchen couldn't stand comparison... Still, we got near the stage somehow, just in time to see the concert of KIEw.


KIEw are, as you know, the specialists of audiotheraphy, capable of moving your minds, ears and bodies in an exceptional way, though not necessarily the way your personal psychiatrist would find appropriate...but, well, after all on entering the gig you take the risk...
The current line-up of KIEw, which was formed in 1990, is Andreas "Thedi" Thedens, Matthias Kulcke and Stephan Thiemicke. Having numerous compilations and albums on their account they lead the therapy very much industrial in style with as much charm as the straitjacket sleeves let...
In Werk the concert developed as the people had expected it to: lots of drilling sounds intensified by Thedi to the endurance limits, hard beats and electronic melodies sliding freely, samples and a fair dose of dancy fragments. the people started moving – and so it was to the end of the concert. In spite of unbearable prease Thedi jumped into the crowd and stayed there for a while leaving the stage to the gents of Grendel who gave the vocal performance there. The nimbus of mental asylum seems quite a norm during KIEw shows as well as a great atmosphere created by unobtrusively harsh sounds. Great gig!

Setlist: Function02. Visite03. Exit04. Gabriel05. Käferfrühstück06. Therapiegespräch07. Nachtwache08. Tunnel09. dcdisk10. Graograman11. Delusion12. Zimmer 7213. Degenerationsprogramm14. Mister 29 15. Mister 29 (13th Monkey Version)


Last days of the Festival was traditionally a round of deafening in Kohlarbizirkus, where the condensation of great electro bands took place. We were a bit late for the first gig – the one of Adam.


Adam members are JEEZ, fOG, vDIVA, VULCAN, BUDAH and their music could be described as electro gothic combined with techno. The whole is very distinct: starting from the artists' image to dancy, harsh melodies comprising of hard beats, regular, dynamic structures and vast amount of electronic passages. Very suitable for dance-floor and warm-ups of all sorts. Plus for an energetic show.

Setlist: Don't erase my name, The perfect day to die, Kaos Inside, Ugly Smile, Send me an angel, Voodoo Nation, Dead Syllables


Tamtrum is the project well-known to Polish audience. Two years ago there was some sort of 'tamtrum-mania' – at least in the West part of the country... after I saw the gig I may say the live performance has the same energy that once smashed those who listened to "Some Atomik Songz". Since 2003 Benoit Sixteen and Sylvicious have been working hard to prevent their listeners from mental and aural calcification... the proof is the album released in 2006 entitled " Electronic Blakc Mess". Musically, Tamtrum stands for a sonic destruction, very fast, strong kicks into the most sensitive part of your nature plus a great amount of energy served as a slap into your face... some liked it as I could see...The concert was good – also as far as scenic part is concerned - Benoit is charismatic enough to lead the concert while Sylvicious, who, unfortunately got the permission to get undressed only for a short while this time, supported him right all right. There is some provocation, some prison stylistics and some sadism to it – the whole sounds and looks well.
le son de la pluie, pervert inc., paranoaic, hypokondriak & toxicomaniak, abort the pope, the world you live in, tantrum, datura dream


While looking for good EBM you'll definitely cross paths with Proceed at some point, as I could see gentlemen: André S., Daniel P. and René S are specialists in dynamic, rhythmical electronic body music. The project was brought to life in 1999 and their first album entitled "Fehlgesteuert" was released in 2004.
At WGT the musicians provided a decent invigoration among the listeners by offering them perfectly combined set of aggressive vocal and dancy music that constituted a real explosive mixture. Highly compelling, and, what's more, quite original sounds – real treat for fans.

Setlist: Laut 2. Schuldig 3. Waving 4. Dein Gesicht 5. Spiegelschönheit 6. Autark 7. Koma 8. Diktatur 9. Super Boy Killer 10. Identität 11. Geächtet 12. Kontrolle


The project of Ashlar von Megalon was definitely a 'must-see' of this year's WGT for two main reasons: firstly for their awesome music, and secondly for the very fact that Heimataerde play live relatively rarely. Their concert was a resultant of 'chivalric' performance and great amount of astounding sounds.
When the artists wearing armours, chain mails, holding flags appeared on the stage we already know who was about to come... lots of stylish electro and samples, even more energy and dance (of course it was the audience who was dancing not the knights... though it might have looked quite interesting if they did...) At first we though the vocalist wouldn't uncover his face but he satisfied the curious...
The music we heard was fantastic electro (mostly from 'Gotteskrieger') combined with techno, hard beats – altogether it provided a great time to the gathered – just like the scenes on the stage – as far as I know such an image is rather unique.

Setlist: Der Eid (Intro),Deus Lo Vult, Endlos,Moerder,Gib mir, Eins sein, Wiedergaenger, Lebloser Koerper, Morituri Salutant

As to Dismantled I'd been curious – would they be able to stand live versions their songs on the stage...Hardly any song is such heart-rendering as 'Exit' and scenically it constitutes quite a challenge for an artist... Were Dismantled up to them? Hard to say... their fans were yelling so loudly and pushing everyone around that it was hard to hear anything, not to mention to contemplate or even think... Of course Gary Zon was able to shout 'louder' that his audience and establish the contact with the listeners, however, I got very little from the gig – aside from revision of fighting -in - the-crowd- skills:)
Musically, Dismantled provide a combination of highly emotional, appealing vocals and quite dancy, catchy melodies, so there was no surprise that it moved people. Playing from 2000 they managed to create something unique and totally of their own and it was audible, even during the gig: cold, distanced music plus the said voice is a set both surprising and enchanting.. . I hope I'll have a chance to see them in a more 'listener -friendly' surrounding:)
As to the scenic part – the musicians played wreathed in smoke; the lights were dim there was also a bit pacified mannequin on the stag as a prop I suppose – interpretation, of course, is up to you...

Setlist: The March Intro, Anthem, Get It Through, Preset, Exit, Thanks For Everything, Purity, Breed To Death, The Swarm


Terence Fixmer&Douglas McCarthy are doing fine and us usual provide good fun at the concerts... there's nothing like watching the frontman's stone face, isn't it?:)
Dim light, smoke, Fixmer hidden behind his equipment and McCarthy at the first line – that was enough to galvanize the crowds...well, that's the magic of the music, charisma and legend of both gents and, to some extent, definitely the effect of fly wheel, as to to say they'd been 'sentenced to success' from the very start would be going to far. Not that I'd complain... "Freefall', "Look to Me", "You Want it" or 'Destroy" were enough to invigorate even the most tired people. Gentlemen played also one of Nitzer Ebb songs and cheered the audience up.
Their concerts are usually very ear-pleasing, not to mention that it's very interesting to see how McCarthy influences the audience... a bit as if he was saying 'people get lost' and everyone 's running mad anyway... magic.

And so the festival came to an end: we'll see some bands later during the summer, some of them even at Castle Party. Wave Gotik Treffen is the biggest of the events of such type, demanding lots of strength and stamina from everyone, sometimes I think that boasting "We survived WGT" is totally justified.. .

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