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Camouflage - The Pleasure Remains

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After the first hearing of "The Pleasure Remains" I came to the conclusion that it's completely inappropriate for a promotional track of a new album. I don't mean to say that it's bad. What I mean is, it's not catchy and that leaves it without any characteristics of a hit. After a few more times, I liked the single, but definitely not because of the enclosed remixes. Undoubtedly, this track had a chance to sound good in a club version, but unfortunately, it's boring and schematic, because that's what remixes by Wet Fingers are all about. Two other remixes, by Lowe and Rezonanse, also don't display a very high level. The second enclosed track, "Your Own World", is plainly bad. Concluding: the "The Pleasure Remains" isn't pleasing at all. If it isn't pleasing, then, despite my big sympathy for Camouflage, I can give it only 25%. 

1. The Pleasure Remains
2. Your Own World
3. The Pleasure Remains (Wet Fingers Club Mix)
4. The Pleasure Remains (Sthilmann Tranz Mix)
5. The Pleasure Remains (LOWE vs. Steve Wasabi Remix)
6. The Pleasure Remains (Rezonance Remix)
Translator: Ultima
Add date: 2007-06-20 / Music reviews

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