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d'Electro Fall Tour

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The last stage of Independent Events' d'Electro Fall Tour took place on the 25th of November in Krakow's "Studio" club. The first thing I noticed after entering the venue was the pleasant indoor temperature ;], the second - electro-pop sounds produced from the stage by NUN, who had climbed the stage a few minutes earlier. The show was magnificent, and the charismatic musicians carried the whole crowd away into a happy dance. "Here 4 U" in a new version was received enthusiastically, and it was really a pity that Magda and Olaf had to leave the stage so quickly. Here's NUN's setlist:

Here 4 U
Vision Of Life
I Don’t Know How
Hope (new single dance version)
Blind (new live version)
Dream Away
Here 4 U (new dance version)

The next band to take the stage was the Swedish LOWE. I was not expecting such a good show from them. My disbelief was quickly blown away. Three smiling gents with red scarves invited the audience to sway from side to side, if not to dance:) They played and sang their songs giving us all they could, driving the people to a wild eruption of joy playing a cover of "Enjoy the Silence" as an encore. Their setlist looked as follows:

Move me
The Vanishing
Hear me out
Down the Waterline
Face to Face
Ahead of our time
Thick as Thieves
True Faith
My Song
Enjoy the Silence

And now... What can I write about the weakest performance of that night? After LOWE's energetic show, the stage started to ooze boredom, impersonated by a lifeless trio called Iris... The crowd ran away somewhere, and the stale show was played for a handful of people. They looked really bleak in comparison to the others, so I have to say a strong NO to Iris' stage antics. Here's what was tormenting us for over an hour;]:

Lands of fire
Sentimental scar
Waves crash in
In spite
It generates
No one left to lose
Hell's coming with me
Sorrow expert

The Germans from Minerve did not show up... Well, we survived their absence, and some would probably thank the organizers for that...

It's time to focus on the night's main act - Camouflage. They brought us (at least me) to our knees. That was what exactly what I had expected from a band with such a big stage experience - perfection in every detail. The music, the charisma and great contact with the fans - maybe a bit on the stardom side of it all, but Camouflage are stars - this constituted a perfect whole, a show we won't forget for a long time. The opener, a great track called "Me and You", set the level of the whole performance till its end. They played "The Great Commandment", "Perfect", "I Can't Feel You", "Suspicious Love", and "Motif Sky" together with "We Are Lovers" from the new album, among others. The final track, "Love is a Shield", was sung together with the enchanted audience.

The last stage of d'Electro Fall Tour was superb. Iris' performance, which had apparently not drawn many fans to Krakow, was the only low moment of the whole concert, and we can easily forgive and forget about that... Weeeell, not to make it all that marvy, I have to say a few words about the audio system, which was evidently working not-the-way-it-should. The bass levels were a bit painful on the ears, but luckily I did not go deaf, and Camouflage was well worth a bit of eardrum damage;].
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