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Desiderii Marginis + Moon Far Away + Horologium

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The whole event started 40 minutes late - the usual procedure with such concerts. However, no one seemed unhappy with that as most of the people hadn't seen each other for quite a while and as all the 'insiders' know each other, soon the gossips without end began.

One-person project from Poland - Horologium - played first. I can't say much good about the project: the music was monotonous, very poor as far as the sound is concerned, making impression of looping, repetitive samples. The visual part was of average quality, too. Definitely, the old films have something to them, on condition that they go with the music. Unfortunately, Horologium didn't succeed even in this respect. Well, the only thing I can do is to wish the author of the project the persistence in his work – perhaps it will be better in the future as presently the music won't get much of a positive feedback.

After a short break the project I'd been waiting for the most appeared. Obviously I'm talking about the Swedish, Dark-industrial project Desiderii Marginis. Those who aren't familiar with the output of the project, but who know Raison d'Etre should be delighted as both the bands play similar music. As a matter of fact there's no point talking at length about the performance, as the music is very hard to describe. You just need to feel it and either feel astonishment or boredom. I felt the former. The only thing I may stick to are visualizations. Surely, “Metropolis” by Fritz Lang of 1926 is an excellent material to be used as a visualization, however, I can't understand why they hadn't made it last during the whole concert? Instead of that the video and the music suddenly stopped and me, as a listener, felt disappointed that it finished... unless it was done on purpose... to leave the sense of insatiability...

Last, but not least, a few words on Moon Far Away. I don't know how to classify their music, as it's a mix of neofolk, ambient with gothic elements and a very pleasant vocal. The whole consists of two characters that stage something of a misterium during the performance. What is the effect? Most interesting, to say the least. I must admit that even though Moon Far Away is just two people (hence, a part of the music has to be played by the machine), the balance between the digital and live instruments was kept, so the listeners were not offended in any way by the lack of the whole "orchestra". In conclusion, I recommend the project to everyone interested in unconventional music.

The festival was closed by the Natura Fluxus exhibition - a film and a gallery created by Peter Anderson (Raison d'Etre) and Lars Bosme. Both gentlemen presented places that used to boil with life, and now they boil with emptiness... With traces of life remaining ocassionally. The gallery and the movie entitled gracefully "Natura Morte" make the watcher think deeply. In my personal opinion, this was the best possible ending to the festival.

I hope that next year Wrotycz Records is going to present new interesting projects and that more people will flock to experience that, as the crowd could've easily been twice the size... Maybe people don't know such music and are ignorant about what they're missing?
Translator: Dobermann
Add date: 2006-04-11 / Live reports

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