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Die Krupps - Reconstruction

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This is an album from which issue has been over 12 years. What does not mean that the material is, after years out of date. Maybe this is a matter for the German group's unique style of combining EBM and heavy metal as well as a great influence on industrial music. That band, oryginally created in 1980 in Duesseldorf, by Juergen Engler (the vocalist) and Bernard Malaka (bass guitar) is compares to such legendary bands as Einstürzende Neubaten, Front 242 and Front Line Assembly. "Paradise Now " is a powerful dose of industrial rock saturated sampples Ministry a like. However, this ideal sample interact with hard riffs. For example, (A New) Society Treaty "or my favorite "Reconstruction". The record is no monotonous. For the first half of the album we have to do with a heavy metal music connected with industrial. Team shows its full potential as a metal combo. The second part of an album starting with "Behind",and now the music's more diverse. It is worth to mentioning a cover of legendary song "Fire "and "Taste of Taboo"with the second, female voice. "Paradise Now"is a classical album for fans of EBM and for fans of rock metal. Therefore, if you haven't the opportunity to listen the disc it is time to catch up. Released by Rough Trade.


1. Moving Beyond
2. The Gods of Void
3. Paradise Now
4. Black Beauty
5. White Heat
6. Reconstruction
7. Behind
8. Taste of Taboo
9. Rise Up
11. Full Circle
12. Vortex
13. 30 Seconds
14. (A New) Society Treaty
Translator: mashenah
Add date: 2010-01-09 / Music reviews

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