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Dread - In Dub

Dread is a newly formed project of legendary sound artist Brian Williams who began working under the name Lustmord in 1980, and since then his dark sound sculptures have been highly influential not only in music genres such as ambient and industrial, but also in film and games.
The mightiness and intensity of this album is both tense and trance inducing, drawing attention to the shape and depth of the space between sounds as well as to the sounds themselves. The instrumental tracks drenched in echo and reverberation ebb and flow, dropping in and out of the mix, and are kept together by the prominent use of varied deep bass application. The usage of implemented voices, acoustic drums and an alectric guitar played by Wes Borland (Limp Bizkit) create a distinctly organic feel to the music, even though the effects are electronically created.
Available from 19 April 2017 by Ant-Zen.

01. a new dark age
02. a new dark dub
03. pyro (version)
04. the sword of the lord part 1
05. the sword of the lord part 2
06. blood into dub
07. a presence dub
08. dread naught
09. submerged dub
10. the western approaches
Author: hellium
Translator: hellium
Source: Ant-Zen / 2017-04-13 / News

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