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Electro Prague Festival #6

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It was the sixth edition of Electro Prague Festival; the previous editions included such bands as Zerstorwut, To Avoid, Phonetix, H.E.E.L, The Eternal Afflict, Head-less, Melotron etc. this time in the club Matrix five bands gave their concerts and these were: Beamship, Nuclear Storm, Red Emprez, Pleasures Remain and Depresive Disorder.

The Czech EBM project Beampship was a fine beginning for the evening: their style is energetic and may give you kicks: the music bases on rather simple lyrics; their strength lays in strong beat and dancy melodies. It was rather static scenically so I may not speak much about visual aspect of the gig, but the music sounds promising.

Nuclear Storm in turn had an extremely rich visual part of the concert: it started with the vocalist running all over the place in mask and spitting with fire, then preaching from the stage on how we should avoid being manipulated and throwing porno shots on the dance floor and operating the waste bin that was set on the scene...well... musically I liked the gig: it was one of those powerful shows with energy driven music and dynamic and dancy tones. Scenically; yes, plenty of things was going on, but the message... you know, in such cases I usually prate that the artist should think towards whom they are actually directing their message... and when. Those thinking need not to be convinced of the necessity of thinking while those who might get an advantage of such words won't probably listen to them, they won't even to come to such gig... It's not about depriving the music of its idealogical load or bereaving it off all the engaged consignment, but preaching done from the stage on how people shouldn't let themselves be manipulated sounds like a paradox to me...

Red Emprez did fine in the capital city of the Czech Republic and as I suppose they got a good reception, too. It's not that surprising if you think of their music which is catchy, melodious and emotional. Adam and Mike do not present a highly spectacular „shows”, but they still manage to scope attention of the audience: perhaps thanks to the moderate means of artistic expression. 

Pleasures Remain – the two-persons project from Germany, inspired by the electronic music of the 70s and the early 80s. - played as a headliner. Matthias Mueller and Heike Suss create sounds which are highly melodious: the coldness of electronic blends with the warmth of vocal and as result their music gets so powerful expression. You may find a dancy tint, balanced emotionality and the binding clarity of vision in their music which altogether represents a very good quality.

My unbeatable favourites of the Fest though were gentlemen of Depressive Disorder, as their concert really got me off my feet. Patric Lev and Radim Cap create a kinda frenzied mixture whose components are extremely strong vocal and smashing music that is a electro, industrial and EBM offshot. You have everything you need to make your brain work in their music: overdriven sounds, hard beats and caustic melody line. What's more: the vocalist deals with the whole sonic machinery very well: a bit hushed, hoarse vocal suits the songs perfectly. The audience reacted very vividly and that's completely understandable for me: Depressive Disorder indeed are a match for most crazy dance vertigo and the first thing that came to my mind when I saw them on the stage was “ for those animals scene is not a cage or paddock: it's their habitat”. Anyway, now I understand why my Czech friends admire them so: DD play really marvellously. The songs they presented at EPF#6 were a.o “Ultima”, “TV Freak “, “Genocide”, “Victim”, Blasted” or “Silent killer”.

The festival ended with an afterparty led by Darkbeat Team (Frail and Zielony) and let me just say it was a fair dose of muscles drill: lots of things was happening on the dance floor, however, I won't develop on this for my inborn sense of decency and discreetness :) Enough to say that Matrix dance floors have one more story to keep :)

At the very end I wanted to pass my big thanx to DJ Mirage for everything and to people from Prague in Dark team and Cz Sanctuary – without you the evening wouldn't be the same :)

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