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GLISS live in Warsaw - a night to remember

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Last Saturday in Warsaw Gliss was playing a concertm here is what they say about this gig:
these people... they can out drink and out-dance me. FUCK!
the minute we took the stage it was high energy and movement from the crowd...
it reminded me of the Albuquerque show on the Combichrist/Glis tour
we ended up doing 2 encores and i had to play noise instrumentals while making up vocals on the fly.
the weirdest thing that happened... there were these 2 guys following Mike and i around everywhere taking pictures... i mean like paparazzi style. that was... flattering. they were taking pictures of us ordering drinks at the bar. lots of pictures were taken... and they are HERE (but you have to log in to the message board). about random pictures... good thing i didn't do anything stupid - hehe. well, there was one thing... i snorted snuff... i never tried it before so i had to... what else?
OH, there were like hot Polish girls everywhere... i love it how they kiss you 'hi' and 'goodbye'... first time it happened i grabbed this girl and totally started making out with her, then she was like WTF?! and i was all... i thought you wanted it? nah just kidding.

i was asked to DJ for the afterparty... but the only Cd i had was Endzeit Bunkertracks, hehe
here's the set list from the first part... the rest, i forgot to write down...

Suicide Commando - Cause Of Death: Suicide
Tactikal Sekt - Awaken The Ghost
Unter Null - Sick Fuck
Grendel - Soilbleed v2
Assemblage 23 - Infinite (Glis remix)
Ayria - My Revenge On The World
Combichrist - Tractor
Translator: Attack
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