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Implant - Implantology



"Implantology" is an attraction sonic pole where all the various musical orientations IMPLANT went through in his lustrous career converge and unite. Keeping the innovation flourishing, IMPLANT forge the frontiers of eclecticism and sound diversity more than ever before and even manages this time injecting some acoustic guitar sounds into their impressive mélange of modern electronics, eighties melodic less-is-more flavors, industrial dance beats and beautifully contrasting male/female vocals.

Len is here once again surrounded by prestigious guest vocalists like his partner in crime FRONT 242's Jean-Luc De Meyer, but also NEON JUDGEMENT, PSY'AVIAH, PLASTIC NOISE EXPERIENCE or yet ANGELSPIT!
The album is also available as a deluxe limited 2CD box including a 13-track bonus remix album featuring reworks by acts like THE HORRORIST, XOTOX, ATTRITION, SIGNAL AOUT 42, PSY'AVIAH, HYPNOSKULL,

Released on Alfa Matrix and available May 15 th 2009.

1. Violence
2.The Dive
3.Rip That Thing
5. We Are Noise
6, Out With The Old - In With The New
7. Torture Me Softly
8. And Then She Kissed Me
9. Los Ninõs Del Parque
10. Nicht Tanzen
11. All Hail To The Sound
12. Dropping Acid
13. There Is A Riot Going on

Bonus disc

1. Violence (XOTOX rmx)
2. Rip That Thing (MISERY rmx)
3. The Dive (EX.ES rmx)
4. We Are Noise (THE HORRORIST rmx)
5. Nicht Tanzen (PEOPLE THEATRE rmx)
6. Dropping Acid (CRUISE[CTRL] rmx)
8. Out With The Old / In With The New (genCAB rmx)
9. And Then She Kissed Me (ATTRITION rmx)
10. Scared (SIGNAL AOUT 42 rmx)
11. There Is A Riot Going On (PSY'AVIAH rmx)
12. Rip That Thing (PEOPLE THEATRE rmx)
13. Torture Me Softly (HYPNOSKULL rmx)
Author: Schizev
Translator: Schizev
Source: / 2009-04-03 / News

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