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Industrial music is a loose term for a number of different styles of experimental music, especially but not necessarily electronic music. The term was first used in the mid-1970s to describe the then-unique sound of Industrial Records artists. Since then, an extremely wide variety of labels and artists have since come to be called "Industrial", however electropop, EBM, industrial rock etc should not be confused with this term. Originally, the term solely referred to music created by Industrial Records and related artists. As time progressed, the term began to refer to artists either directly influenced by the original movement, artists using an "industrial" aesthetic such as imagery devised around mechanical objects and industry itself and, more distantly, artists who were only minimally, often not at all, influenced or inspired by Industrial Records and related artists. The broadening of the term's musical definition has led to an overwhelming number of sub-genres and lines of influence. Industrial often, but not always, shares elements with the metal ("industrial metal") and electronic ("electro-industrial", third wave post-industrial such as powernoise etc) genres.

Artists belong to the genre


Country: Belgia / Belgium / Date of establishing : 1993

Akrylic Spike Project

Country: Wielka Brytania / United Kingdom / Date of establishing : 2004


Country: Portugalia / Portugal / Date of establishing : 2007

Alec Empire

Country: USA / Date of establishing : 1972-05-02

Alien Vampires

Country: Włochy / Italy / Date of establishing : 1998


Country: Wielka Brytania / United Kingdom / Date of establishing : 2004


Country: Chile / Date of establishing : 2009

Alter Der Ruine

Country: USA / Date of establishing : 2005


Country: Białoruś / Belarus / Date of establishing : 2001


Country: Meksyk / Mexico / Date of establishing : 1999


Country: Niemcy / Germany / Date of establishing : 1993-12-01

Anders Manga

Country: Stany Zjednoczone / USA / Date of establishing : 2004

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