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La Santé - Poulave


La Santé is a Polish EBM / Coldwave project. Their first album "Poulave" is to get released on 18th of March by Halotan Records. The CD contains 12 songs. Full high quality pre-release download (more details below) can be obtained here:

La Santé is a project of Andree Vdb, who lives in Sweden. In the nineties Adree co-founded DHM – one of Poland's most influential post punk / new wave bands. He was responsible for lyrics, vocals and bass guitar. His inspirations span across bands like D.A.F., The Mission or Killing Joke. Those inspirations – to a various degree – can be heard in La Santé's music today.

La Santé is following the oldschool electronic style. The overall sound, however, is modern and created using latest studio techniques. This creates solid modern EBM music with vocals leaning towards dark/coldwave.

Physical CD is going to be available for purchase at the same address starting March 18th, 2012.
Author: Dobermann
Translator: Dobermann
Source: / 2012-03-13 / News

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