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Line-up Castle Party 2015

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We are pleased to present you the full line-up of this year's Castle Party. Lately their presence at the festival confirmed bands like: Antimatter Guilt Trip, Percival Schuttenbach and several others. On stage in Bolkow we will see:

Paradise Lost (uk)
Juno Reactor (uk)
L'ame Immortelle (at)
Wardruna (no)
Nachtmahr (at)
Merciful Nuns (de)
The Frozen Autumn (it)
Heimataerde (de)
Hate (pl)
H.EXE (pl)
Artrosis (pl)
Rabia Sorda (mx)
Raison d'etre (se)
Vesania (pl)
Job Karma (pl)
Hybryds (be)
Zombina and the Skeletones (uk)
God's Bow (pl)
Skeptical Minds (be)
Darzamat (pl)
1984 (pl)
Thaw (pl)
Mord'A'Stigmata (pl)
Cynical Existence (se)
HRV (pl)
Bisclaveret (pl)
Shadow System (ie)
Tesla Power (pl)
Ab Intra (pl)
Monica Jeffries (de)
Już Nie Żyjesz (pl)
Antimatter (uk)
Inkubus Sukkubus (uk)
Percival Schuttenbach (pl)
Carpatia Castle (cz)
Digital Angel (pl)
Dance on Glass (uk)
Extinct Gods (pl)
Shodan (pl)
Essence Of Mind (nor)
Xenturion Prime (se)
Guilt Trip (se)
God’s Own Medicine (pl)
Victorians (pl)

We remind that tickets are for 230 PLN (limited pre-sale) and 250 PLN (after using promotional pool) you can buy at
Author: pornocreep
Translator: hellium
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