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Pandivere Music Festival
Pandivere Music Festival is mostly dark music festival in the wildest countryside of Estonia.3-4 festival days per year with 3-7 bands every time, different locations in Pandivere area and different dark and alternative music styles in different venues.

Language(s): English, Estonian // Visits: 161 // Author: Risto Kukk
Secret Garden Festival
Secret Garden Festival - festival in Germany.

Language(s): German // Visits: 837 // Author: Vort
Wave Gotik Treffen
One of the biggest gothic and alternative music festivals in Europe.

Language(s): German, English // Visits: 865 // Author: Dobermann
Wave Gotik Treffen
Polish site about Wave Gotik Treffen festival.

Language(s): Polish // Visits: 905 // Author: Dobermann
Wroclaw Industrial Festival
Wroclaw Industrial Festival - official website.

Language(s): Polish // Visits: 944 // Author: Vort
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