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The best Placebo site made by fans, it cooperates with the biggest message board of this band in Poland.

Language(s): Polish, English // Visits: 1151 // Author: happyjunkie
Reflections of Darkness
Webzin presenting the reviews of the music events of the whole Europe.

Language(s): English // Visits: 1042 // Author: khocico
ReGen Magazine
ReGen Magazine is an online publication devoted to underground goth/electro/industrial music, offering comprehensive and objective critique and analysis to help expose the most talented, visionary, and creative artists to the masses.

Language(s): English // Visits: 886 // Author: DamienG
Rockets - THINK MUSIC!
We’re a bunch of people living in Mexico City looking for more cool people from all around the world.We’ve had the pleasure of working with fantastic record labels & booking agencies producing the finest electro, techno, disco and indie rock music.

Language(s): English // Visits: 800 // Author: Emmanuel Munioz
Rock music web magazine. Gig reports, album reviews, photo galleries. Interviews - conversations about music and emotions.
Why do we do this? Because we do not want clichés and templates. Because we don't like a dry ”objectivity”. Within the sincerity of music objectivity does not exist. Music is a feeling, a feeling is always a subjective perception of the universe.

Language(s): English // Visits: 751 // Author: rockoko
Side-Line - daily updated newssite on electro, industrial and gothic music.

Language(s): English, German // Visits: 1341 // Author: Vort
Slovak Gothic Community
Slovak web portal about dark scene music.

Language(s): Slovak // Visits: 835 // Author: TheLast
Sonic Seducer
Sonic Seducer - music zine from Germany. Electro, industrial, synthpop, EBM.

Language(s): German // Visits: 1051 // Author: Vort
Tartarean Desire
Tartarean Desire - independent music magazine.

Language(s): English // Visits: 1249 // Author: Vort
Terra Tenebrosa
Hobbystic blog about the dark music; interviews, album reviews, reports from gigs and much more.

Language(s): Polish // Visits: 826 // Author: Mortal One
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