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Noisuf-X - Excessive Extension


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On April 1st, Jan L. will release a new album with his club industrial project Noisuf-X. The album has the title "Excessive Exposure" and comes in 2 different versions, a regular edition and a limited box edition including the bonus CD "Excessive Extension".
The special bonus disc will for example include guest vocal appearances from Peter Spilles of Project Pitchfork and Johan Van Roy of Suicide Commando.


01. All Systems Go
02. Deutschland braucht Bewegung
03. Please Hang Up
04. Aggrophil
05. Excessive Exposure
06. I Am Watching You
07. Hans Dampf
08. White Noise
09. Fucking Invective
10. RAPture (Holy Shit Mix)
11. Beatz & Bass
12. Effeccctt
13. Fire (C64 Tribute)
14. Shut Up

Bonus MCD:

01. Jaws [feat. Johan van Roy]
02. Creep [feat. Peter Spilles]
03. Revelation 9:6
04. Industrial Revolution
05. Ringtone & Wallpaper
Author: Schizev
Translator: Schizev
Source: / 2010-03-02 / News

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