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Tanzwut - Weiße Nächte

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Work of Tanzwut since the beginning of the group’s existence aroused the interest of reviewers, while augmenting considerable problems. How to evaluate music, that perfectly defends itself, without using a questionable, media authority? Already in 1998, at the time of separation from the parent project Corvus Corax, the band had a powerful experience, enjoying at the same time a tremendous support of fans. However, among the enthusiasts of the charismatic Teufel there was no agreement: is it still the music of a borderline trend, determined by Corvus Corax, or a new, parallel world? The dispute remained unsolved until year 2011. When Weiße Nächte saw the light of day, the formation admirers were certain: Tanzwut became the completely independent project.
To the musical reading invite playing bagpipes characteristic to the current sound of the band - but let it not fool the listener! Opening track - the title one Weiße Nächte – is a smart and electrifying combination of elements of the former, folk styling with a sharp, hard rock atmosphere. There is a lack of known from Schattenreiter industrial path, but there is another, simpler scheme. It is not a caprice, it is not a single treatment - in fact the whole album is balancing on the verge of a heavy, guitar sound, aided only by previously dominating bagpipes, and it is proved by the successive pieces. When Phönix Aus Der Asche - raw legend told by Teufel’s powerful voice, in comparison with others falls almost gently, and moves into further ground the elements of the former band's sound. Musical story is gaining its momentum with the dynamic, light Ein Wahrer Spielmann. Here the vocal is lowering, sounding almost threateningly, as if announcing the arrival of aggressive Rückgratreißer. It is the pure essence of a new, angry sound of Tanzwut - homogeneous, a leading guitar path, bagpipes that are assisting and Teufel, who in no other track, located on the Weiße Nächte, sounds so certain. Brutal force is muted - first in heavy, rock Du bist nicht Gott, then in nostalgic ballad Wenn Der Letzte Vorhang Fällt. Until the very end the record once rises, then it slows down again, without losing any of its horror and focus. Music punch line - Pest und Teufel – keeps in suspense and constant readiness to begin a mad dance until the last, dying guitar riff.
No ratings will be adequate to the actual content of it, that in fact turned out to be the latest release of Tanzwut. Though it is difficult to remain indifferent to this level of musical professionalism, presented by Teufel. Abandoning the dominant role of any styling - I mean both folk and industrial – he sent a group to the path of raw, modern sound. After all Weiße Nächte is not shocking – in the end, in Tanzwut’s soul still resound the bagpipes and the same predatory vocal. It is not a musical revolution, but more of a trying to create new way in the world of the Neue Deutsche Härte. If it is successful – it is worth to find out personally.


01 Weiße Nächte
02 Wie Phönix Aus Der Asche
03 Gift
04 Bei Dir
05 Ein Wahrer Spielmann
06 Rückgratreißer
07 Du Bist Nicht Gott
08 Wenn Der Letzte Vorhang Fällt
09 Folge Deinem Herzen
10 La Filha Dau Ladre
11 Königin Der Nacht
12 Pest Und Teufel
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