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M'era Luna 2008

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The atractiveness of this festival surpassed all our expectations as usually. I was preparing myself for pretty large dose of energy and I wasn’t disappointed. One of the biggest music events in Europe drew attention of every fan of alternative sounds. Nearly 25 thousand of people celebrated this unique weekend. I believe I don’t have to mention that demonstrating one’s individuality is a constant and unchanging landscape of this kind of show. And plenty of fashion stalls tempted even the most restrained ones. Exept the audience, M’Era Luna unites different genres of music successfully. There were bands well known to the gothic rock fans – such as FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM, electro – COMBICHRIST, or even sort of black metal – SAMAEL. Something special for everyone. I must mention and underline the fact, that there’s a group of people coming there every year, but also there’s always some place for the young entries. So, whoever wasn’t there yet, they have opportunity to join something really unforgetable in Hildesheim in August. This exceptionality could take place this year thanks to the organizers and security, congratulations to the makers.



The main stage shows were beginned by DELAIN. Even though they had a hard task to warm up the audience, they did really well. The musical atmosphere of Within Temptation was even to my liking. Charlotte Wessels surprised everyone with clarity of voice, convincing me and others that the first playing band doesn’t have to be the worst. On the contrary. High level of performance made good impression after the first sounds.

01. Silhouette of a Dancer
02. Frozen
03. The Gathering
04. Sleepwalker’s Dream
05. Pristine

Follow-up of DELAIN’s musical style absolutely did not cause monotony. Strong voice of Sandra Schleret gathered everyone around the stage. I truly recommend getting familiar with ELIS to all fans of the genre.

Albeit having some technical trouble, they’ve made quite a show, serving right amounts of folk. Worth listening, whoever haven’t yet.

01. Mädelein
02. Dreckstück
03. Tanze Dir
04. Hey wir sind Heiden
05. Das Järv
06. Templerschaf

One of the brightest stars appeared vigorously on stage as the forth. They were incredible. The ascetic tone and dignity, sounds that seemed to be coming from the ancient Rome. Tomas Petterson and Rose - Marie Larsen are personalities of the music scene, who don’t need to be introduced. Apocaliptic Folk captured everybody. Undoubtedly one of the most charming performances of the festival. With artistic intuition Tomas presented during the show a mixture of declamation and rythmic singing. Despite the sun lighting the stage that afternoon, the concert’s intensity grew created by the dark atmosphere of Ordo.

01. Do Murder & Lust make me a Man? (Apocalips)
02. Hell is where the Heart is. The Gospel of Tomas (Satyriasis)
03. I W I L L be there, even after the Flowers are gone (O N A N I)
04. [Mercury rising] Seduced by the Kisses of Cinnabar Sweet (Apocalips)
05. Who stole the Sun from its place in my Heart? (Apocalips)
06. Singing for the Angel of the East (FOUR)
07. In High Heels througn Nights of Broken Glass (CCCP)
08. Three is an Orgy, Four is Forever (Satyriasis)

Fans of MESH gathered In front of the stage, clapping hands, singing and crowding to the rhythm of "Leave you Nothing". Mark Hockings was remarkable as usually. Watching their show was quite enjoyable, even for those who are not fans themselves.

01. What are you scared of?
02. People like me
03. Leave you nothing
04. Not Prepared
05. It Scares Me
06. Fragile
07. Crash
08. Petrified

The image of this band probably doesn’t need to be brought closer to anyone. Pure energy on stage, that’s the simpliest way to Picture their performance. Great show buttered with high musical level. Industrial rock, unique, charismatic show. Teufel and his red horns caught attention of people standing far from the stage without any problems. One could say, they galvanized the crowds.

"Lamperfieber", "Astronaut", "Sage ja". Applause! Good concert, to the fans’ delight the vocalist made quite a show. Take a look into the gallery. Calming "Mein Stern" for the end appeared to be the one nicely balancing the whole.

01. Puppenspieler
02. Spiegelbild
03. Astronaut
04. Sage Ja
05. An Deiner Seite
06. Feuerengel
07. Lampenfieber
08. Maschine
09. Freiheit
10. Mein Stern

Comparing UNHEILIG to ASP, with no doubts I choose the second one to watch. Sensational peerless mimical facial movements of the vocalist made even myself Stoppel getting bored. So called Goth Rock band made the festival assembly hall brimful with merely the first song "Sing Child". Very characteristic show. Except some difficulties resulted from the bright daylighted stage and problems with sound exposure, the band was phenomenal. Here I must underline, that generalny throughout the whole day there were technical problems on the main stage. Not till the last concerts on Saturday that was improved.

01. Sing Child
02. Denn ich bin der Meister
03. Nie mehr
04. Sanctus Benedictus
05. Ich bin ein wahrer Satan
06. Werben
07. Und Wir Tanzten - Ungeschickte Liebesbriefe
08. Ich will brennen
09. Schwarzes Blut

This star doesn’t have to be introduced to anyone. Pure energy of classical synth future pop like "Procession" was, In my opinion, one of the Best parts, that sounded on stage during their performance. Ronan Harris, as always, did not let us take a breath during his show. This should be the best advertisement if I admit, that I’m not the fan, but I enjoyed as if I was.

01. Intro
02. Joy
03. Darkangel
04. Nemesis
05. Legion
06. Chrome
07. Procession
08. Illusion
09. Farthest Star
10. Standing
11. Honour 2003
12. Perpetual
13. Further (piano)
14. Beloved

Whoever haven’t seen them live, should regret! Explosion! With this single Word I’d like to say, that they wiped me out. They’re professionalists In their interaction with the public Chile performance. I can congratulate myself, that I could see this amazing source of energy.

01. 98
02. Religion
03. Welcome To Paradise
04. Lovely Day
05. XXX (Triple X Girlfriend)
06. Commando Mix
07. One
08. No Shuffle
09. Circling Overland
10. Funkahdafi
11. Moldavia
12. Together
13. Take One
14. Im Rhythmus Bleiben
15. Until Death Us Do Part
16. Headhunter


The saxophonist Niels van Hoorn together with the singer, Edward Ka-Spel, started their concert in the hangar with class. The trumpet guy facetiously lead the dialogue with the audience. This special corelation made this show specific. The trumpet solo parts and characteristic Edward’s voice striked me deeply with Power and uniqueness of this happening. Also skillfull manoeuvres between the genres - psychodelic wave rock, dark ambient, gothic jazz – made this concert a true masterpiece. After this gig the band can be sure, that they gained new fans. I will certainly support them In their further works, of course if they’re ever out.

Another shining star. The band appeared to be in fantastic form. A spectacle of the greatest artists, characteristic clothes and stage behaviour. Original theatricalness and commitment. And All this buttered with the Best pieces and professional performance. I admit that, that on Castle Party they didn’t come off well. But on M’Era Luna Lukas dancing In his Black jacket was something unforgettable. Thus, whenever you have a Chance to see them live, there’s nothing to think about! I recommend! A show for the connoisseurs!

For the fans of the genre this must be a pretty windfall. Decoration of the stage Has made their show unique. As it comes to the gig itself, their was no heart attack, no ecstasy, no elation. Death Rock presented by them was quite lazy. Though they probably deserve respect due to their 30-years’ history. All interested are welcome at their website. I may be unjust, because I’m not an expert of this kind.

The appetite came with eating. I admit I was satisfied with energetic performances of the highest level metal bands. This journey into the harsh dark sides was began by EPICA. Symphonic metal made a stay on M'Era Luna for the third time. Simone Simons gathered the crowds. Her hair and the ventilator enchanted me too. There was also a special guest on stage, Amanda Somerville. Fine gig.

SAMAEL - the master of its kind brought me on my knees. Say what you want but the vocalist hypnotises. And the legend of the band grows In its prime. The Swiss band definitely focused the attention of the public. Yet sadly I must say that the hangar was not full. Even though Vorphalack had a small group of supporters In front of the stage, there was a lack of some outburst to make it a great show.

They striked me such vehemently, that I could hardly stand on my feet in front of the stage, among the chanting audience. The throng was waving to the rhythm of doom tones. As for the attendance, MOONSPELL and afterwards, PARADISE LOST, gathered the greatest number of fans. Limited space of the hangar seemed not to disturb anyone. Pure cult!

Many fans were surprised, even shocked, that such a band was placed in the hangar. But still it was fantastic to see them anyway. Nick Holmes started with the song "The Enemy", made everyone fall in a trance at once. And the guitar solo of "Never for the Damned" was a masterpiece. It’s worth to see them live. Classics in the noblest edition.

01. The Enemy
02. Ash and Debris
03. No Celebration
04. Erased
05. As I Die
06. Enchantment
07. Requiem
08. Unreachable
09. Never for the damned
10. One Second
11. Embers Fire
12. Say just Words



While it is true that yesterday events were not outshone by Sunday concerts, but still it was hot as well despite the rain. MONO INC. and END OF GREEN had a hard task to play In the rain. But it’s worth to listen to them in better conditions. Until the appearance of SALTATIO MORTIS I felt quite a long break on main stage, the weather wasn’t good again. It was way nicer In the hangar at this time, but I’ll say about that later.

SALTATIO MORTIS worthily started their performance, serving a good dose of energy and breaking the run of bad luck of Sunday’s main stage shows. Sounds of metal notes combined with electro, and All this making folk, this is always great effect. Take a look into their gallery and website.

01. Prometheus
02. Tod und Teufel
03. Worte
04. Salz der Erde
05. Wirf den ersten Stein
06. Koma
07. Varulfen
08. Tritt ein
09. Uns gehört die Welt
10. Falsche Freunde
11. Spielmannsschwur

For the fans of the genre this was surely unforgettable experience. Well, I must say that for me the concert was like many similar others. Say what you want, but whoever is not a fan, will really find it hard to get interested in this show.

01. Intro
02. Love never Dies
03. Deep Red
04. You keep me from breaking apart
05. In this together
06. Mercy Kill
07. Starsign
08. Unicorn
09. Green Cream
10. Shine on
11. End of the World
12. Non Stop Violence

Cultic band after this show became even more overgrown by power. The frontman’s charisma doesn’t weaken at all, as we could see on the last concert on M'Era Luna 2009. Since 1984 Carl McCoy captivated hearts of goth rock fans and I admit, that during this festival’s performance the wall of sound striked myself as well.

01. Shroud
02. Straight into the Light
03. Watchman
04. Trees
05. From the Fire
06. Penetration
07. Endemoniada
08. Moonchild
09. Dawnrazor
10. Sequel
11. Psychonaut
12. Last Exit


Wonderful show. In my opinion it was the greatest discovery of the whole festival. Recommended for the fans of this kind! Sounds like Shiva In Extile or Lisa Gerrard. This is probably the Best comparison to make closer the image of this project. Hypnotizing singer and her voice were awesome, even though it was the first concert of the day. I guess I don’t have to state, that it’s not easy to liven up the sleepy public, especially while it’s raining. This was exactly the plus for the bands playing in the hangar. IRFAN with its oriental sound made me delighted. Next projects were not that good.

01. Peregrinatio
02. Otkrovenie
03. Instrumental (new piece which still does not have a name)
04. Svatba (cover of Dead Can Dance)

They appeared to be another copy of electro – dark - beat. Maybe I’ll be unjust to write that it was a barren gig. I must say that the singer, Alex P, supplied us with energy for the next performances. But it was nothing worth remembering. I admit, I was disappoited.

01. Borderline
02. Nervenkrieg
03. Nyctophobia
04. S.I.N. (Seele in Not) (previous unreleased!)
05. Psychological Disintegration
06. Sternentanz

AGONOIZE show went really well. The group is way better live. Not like PAINBASTARD, who turn out to be better in studio. I guess that the audience’s impression was similar. AGONOIZE gathered so many fans, that it was hard to stand on surface to see anything. Congratulations, this was an absolute energetic bomb.

COMBICHRIST and HOCICO – amazing! Both these electro icons turned out to be smashing. Some find them boring already, for others they’re still symbols of the purest dark beat. To me it was a volcano of energy. Both Andy and Erk are masters of stage. Maybe I experienced it like that, because I was standing in the first raw in front of the stage. And here applause for the security guys who took care for the crowds. While COMBICHRIST’s koncert I was floating together with the chanting throng. One after another we were served "Today I woke to the rain of blood", "This is my rifle", "Electrohead", "Get your body beat". Bravo! And big thanks for this Volcano of emotions!

You must definitely see the photo from Hocico’s show – there’s a lot to see. Serious Rasco and energetic Erk, Indians, and also ‘Spirals of Time’ and ‘Spirits of Crime’ – very good gig!

As befits a star – first class concert. I regret that the time of the show was overlapped with the main star’s one on the big stage. I had to reconcile it somehow. A numerous group of various music kinds’ fans gathered in front of the stage and that was a nice experience. That was surely a big comeback of DAF. We are all waiting for their next steps. And first of all, for the next M’ERA LUNA!!!

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